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Our Story (The Cliff's Notes Version)

  1. Kevin McMullin founded Collegewise in Irvine, California in 1999 using his last paycheck from his previous job. He worked with nine students that fall and drove to their houses (in a Ford Taurus whose color was indescribably bad) to meet at their kitchen tables and talk about how to get in to college. One year later, over 100 students were enrolled in the Collegewise program, Kevin was no longer the only counselor, and the Taurus's color remained just as revolting.

  2. We don’t think prestigious colleges are necessarily better colleges. In fact, we believe that great educations and wonderful experiences take place at lots of colleges, including some in Delaware. That’s why we’ve helped 5,000 students attend more than 700 different colleges.

  3. Collegewise isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of different ways to approach college admissions, and we know that not everyone shares our philosophy of finding the right schools and enjoying the process. That's OK. But those people probably shouldn't come to Collegewise (and we probably won't be inviting them to our Super Bowl party, either).

  4. In December 2012, Kevin sold Collegewise to The Princeton Review. Together, they rolled out Collegewise offices nationwide. 

  5. In January 2015, Kevin and his business partners bought Collegewise back. Bigger, stronger, and smarter (the stronger part was more the company than it was the partners), Collegewise has become the nation’s largest college counseling organization. With over 40 counselors banding together, we’re out to change the way that families approach the college admissions process. We think this should be an exciting time for students and parents, not a stressful, anxiety-ridden, cardiac arrest-inducing rite of passage. And we believe that smart college planning information should be available to anyone who wants it, regardless of their ability to pay. Whether you hire one of our counselors, read our book, or just browse our blog (where we give away free advice every day), we’re going to be there injecting sanity and perspective into the process.