Helping Your Student Identify Their Best Stories and Write Their Best College Essays

We’re Experts in College Essay Writing

Collegewise counselors have read thousands of college essays from both sides of the desk—as both admissions officers and college counselors. We know what a great essay looks like, and we know all the clichéd tales to avoid.

And we know how to help teenagers articulate their best essay
We’ve learned how to help teenagers find their best stories. We ask the right questions, listen carefully to the responses, and unearth the kind of interesting, charming, endearing, or just plain compelling tales admissions officers want to read about. We can do the same for your student. We’ll also set deadlines for drafts, offer our written feedback over email, and give the essay a final proofread to make sure it’s error-free. And while we never over-edit or otherwise hijack the essay from the student (admissions officers can always tell when a student received too much help), every year, Collegewise students of all academic levels produce essays that make them proud and improve their applications. Frankly, we love this part of our job.

How much does the essay program cost?
The cost for the program depends on how much help your student needs and how many essays you need help with, but the average cost for an essay program is around $600 (which typically produces about 1,000 words of finished writing when beginning from scratch). Most students come to us before they begin their essays, but we can also offer feedback on essays that have already been written.

What’s the first step?
Contact a counselor in person or online and tell us more about where your student is in the essay process—starting from scratch, needing a second opinion on finished work, or somewhere in between. We hope to hear from you.

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