Corporate Benefits Program

Provide your employees with:

• customizable one-on-one expert college counseling

• extensive, industry-leading college admissions content

• access to our groundbreaking platform to keep families on track

Work with our Director of Corporate Partnerships, Joe Korfmacher.

Collegewise benefits both employers and employees

84: our Net Promoter Score from our families

$134K: average merit aid per Collegewise family

25,000+: students we've helped get admitted to college

35%: households in the US have high school-aged children

• With expert guidance, families worry less about the outcome of a key event in their child’s life

• Employers can lift a major burden of stress and uncertainty from their employee's shoulders, leading to increased loyalty and attracting top talent.

Personalized Approach
  • Collegewise counselors work one-on-one with clients from start to finish

  • Employers can tailor the number of hours, including a limit per family

  • Employees can receive discounted services above and beyond what's included in the benefit

Exceptional Execution
  • Wise(r)net, our proprietary platform, keeps families organized and provides exclusive internal stats on admissions decisions by institution and relevant details about the profile of each applicant

  • Collegewise employs the largest number of full-time counselors under one roof

  • We recruit counselors from both sides of the counseling desk: more than half of our counselors are former admissions officers

Unmatched Expertise
  • Access to our deep understanding of college admissions through our extensive knowledge bank, including newsletters, webinars, guides, blog posts, and more

  • Customized webinars on timely topics relevant to your employees and their families

  • Expert essay editing, including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, review, and submission