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Collegewise specializes in pairing you with the counselor best suited for your needs. When you are ready, fill out our consultation form and an admissions expert will contact you within 1-2 business days. We're looking forward to getting to know your family and discussing your child's college goals.

Find the Right Counselor for You

Find the Right Counselor for You

Let us pair you with a counselor who can make your college dreams come true. Our counselors are college admissions experts and have expertise in the following areas:

Managing the Application Process
College Essays
Admission to Highly Selective Colleges
Finding Best-Fit Colleges
Merit Scholarships
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Meet Your Admissions Expert

Working with a Collegewise counselor means having access to your very own college admissions expert. Your counselor will partner with you to create a customized college application plan and tackle every part of the admissions process, from brainstorming those college essays to pressing submit on your college applications.

While you’ll always interact with one counselor who knows your family best, your student will benefit from the collective experience of more than 60 Collegewise admissions experts, many of whom have worked in admissions offices across the country at universities like Stanford, Colorado College, Harvard, USC, and Yale.

Olivia, Dartmouth Student

“My counselor has inspired me beyond the scope of high school and college. Not only did he help me find the perfect place to spend the next four years of my life, but he also taught me so many lessons and skills that I will continue to use in building my future.”

Jim, Parent of Michigan Tech Student

“My son was so nervous about college because he didn't feel he could get accepted anywhere. The most important thing our counselor did was help Jack believe in himself.”

Meghan, Vanderbilt Student

“When I refer to my counselor at home, I call her my 'college angel.' Seriously...she kept me sane in times of pressure and always had the answers to my college questions.”

Jared, Stanford Student

“Without the help from my counselor, I would not be attending my dream school in the fall. Collegewise has given me a gift I can never repay: the freedom of choice and happiness.”

Kathleen, Parent of UCLA Student

“Collegewise made the whole college application process painlessly achievable, and unbelievably, all of my kids had fun.”

Allison, Whitman College Student

“While my friends complained about pulling all-nighters to finish applications and essays, I got to enjoy the last year of high school because my applications were already in!”

Are You An International Student?

Our International Team Specializes in Helping Students Navigate the International Application Process

Collegewise currently works with students from across the globe, including students who live in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Contact us from anywhere in the world and we'll match you with an expert counselor who will help you achieve your college goals.