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Annie Behari

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From the East Coast to India, Annie racked up her college admissions experience at a variety of top-tier institutions and with a multitude of students. And no matter where in the world she is, she continues to help families reach their admissions goals—whether it’s at Johns Hopkins University, where she coordinated the review process of nearly 26,000 applications as an assistant director of admissions; as a team lead on diversity initiatives at MIT, where she launched a conference specifically for multicultural students; or as assistant director of admissions for Lafayette College, regularly travelling to India and China to speak with students.

At her alma mater, Boston University, she served as an admissions representative, and along the way, earned a B.A. in Art History and a B.S. in Film and Television. In her college counseling days at Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, FL, she worked closely with 40 high schoolers, always focused on students’ individual ambitions throughout the application process.

When Annie is not helping families and students (we don’t know when that could be) she enjoys reading, talking about pop culture, and challenging herself to learn something new each month (ask her how her piano playing is coming along)!

Education & Experience

  • Ed.M, Higher Education, Harvard University
  • Assistant Director of Admissions, Johns Hopkins University
  • Assistant Director of Admissions, Lafayette College
  • College Counselor, Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, FL

Professional Organization Memberships

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

I thoroughly enjoyed my Collegewise experience. It took so much stress and pressure off of the application process, and I am confident it made me a more competitive applicant.

Nick Sandoval

Pennsylvania State University

I absolutely loved Collegewise! They were extremely helpful, and I felt really good about my application. I would have never known where or how to apply without Collegewise. They made the application process much easier to understand. It was a fantastic decision to go with Col-legewise!

Sean Mahoney

University of Washington

There is no way I would have been able to get through the college application process without Collegewise. Collegewise helped me find my first choice school (that I didn’t really know much about at first), write an amazing essay that was reflective of me, and kept me on top of all my to-do lists.

Jack Morgan

Colby College

Collegewise was perfect for the help I needed with my applications! My essays were always sent back to me within a timely manner, and I never felt like I was forgotten about. I also loved that I was encouraged to never submit an essay that I was not proud of or happy with. I had a great college application process.

Alexandra Mautner

Vanderbilt University

We were impressed with the outcome: Our son not only got accepted to his “reach” school, but the financial offers were unbelievable! He got multiple merit-based scholarships and fully paid tuition at many great colleges. We believe Collegewise made a big difference.

Olga, Parent of Nicholas

The University of Texas at Austin

The college application process is confusing and tedious, and Collegewise really helped with that process. It was reassuring to go over my application with my counselor so that we could make sure that I had a better chance of getting in!

Kyra Neff

Villanova University