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Arun Ponnusamy

Head Counselor & Vice President

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Arun is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable college counselors and admissions experts in the United States. As an admissions officer, he evaluated the files of over 7,500 high school seniors and read approximately 20,000 college essays. Here’s how it worked: he was an assistant director of admissions for five years at the University of Chicago (his alma mater). Arun then held the same post for two years at Caltech and spent another two reading for UCLA. That’s nine application cycles for three highly selective colleges—experiences that have given Arun a level of deep expertise matched by few in the world.

Since joining Collegewise, Arun has guided hundreds of students into their dream colleges through thoughtful one-on-one work. He also conducts professional development for high school teachers and counselors in addition to speaking at seminars that are attended by thousands of students and parents annually. In recent years, Arun has also presented at the National Association of College Admission Counseling Conference and the College Board’s Forum, as well as at events throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. His love of frequent flyer miles is matched only by his love of Ohio State football, astronomy, and an invigorating hike to the top of a mountain.

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What are people saying about Arun Ponnusamy?

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    ACTS College Summit

    Arun is AWESOME!!! We’ve invited him (and he’s kindly agreed) to speak at the ACTS College Summit, geared toward minority/underserved high school students in LA, for the past two years. He has been absolutely incredible. His talk is always one of the most well-attended and well-rated among the students.
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    Providence High School

    It was the college application season, and I needed help. I wanted the faculty to hear another voice, an expert on college admissions, so I asked Arun to present regarding letters of recommendation. The faculty at my school were extremely impressed with Arun’s presentation. It was informative, engaging and entertaining.
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    Dartmouth College

    Arun has inspired me beyond the scope of high school and college. Not only did he help me find the perfect place to spend the next four years of my life, but he also taught me so many lessons and skills that I will continue to use in building my future. His advice will stay with me forever.
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    Arun Ponnusamy is an amazing college advisor! As a former admissions officer, he was able to quickly read my son’s application and provide insightful comments. The end result? AdMITted in December and comMITted in April to his top choice school. Our family gives him our highest recommendation!
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    Katy, Parent of Kathryn & Olivia

    Kathryn-Johns Hopkins University, Olivia-Dartmouth

    CollegeWISE’s name fits. Arun guided us like a pro on the emotional roller coaster. He left both of our girls in awe. They started off early and in a panic. By the end they were headed to their dream schools. Challenging and kind, funny and honest, Arun is equal parts pragmatist, cheerleader, linguist, and philosopher.
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    Gordon, Parent of Hannah

    Middlebury College

    We could not be more satisfied with our experience at Collegewise and will be signing up our younger daughter. Shifting the college application process from a parental “chore” to a peer coaching experience was priceless and allowed us to be advisors and fans of Hannah’s adventure and ultimate achievement.