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Kailey Hockridge

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Kailey’s career in education began when she earned dual master’s degrees at Columbia University while simultaneously working as a counseling intern at both the Harlem Educational Activities Fund and the Dean Hope Center for Educational & Psychological Services. After obtaining her graduate degrees, she returned home to the state of California to work as Assistant Head Counselor for a college counseling company in Los Angeles. For almost three years, she guided high school students through the college application process, helping them identify and apply to their best-fit colleges. Her graduate-level education in counseling and experience working with high achieving students makes her the perfect match for families who find the application process unduly stressful. She's worked with students with a wide variety of career and major interests, including STEM, psychology, and business, and her students have been admitted to some of the most selective colleges in the country, including Cornell, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Before you allow Kailey’s impressive academic credentials to intimidate you, know that she’s just as happy to have a conversation with her students about the merits of the Harry Potter series as she is to talk about her master’s thesis. (It will perhaps surprise no one that she identifies as a Ravenclaw!)

Education & Experience

  • M.A. Psychological Counseling, Ed.M. Mental Health Counseling, Columbia University
  • Former Assistant Head Counselor for a private college counseling company
  • Co-author, "A Structural Analysis of Constructs Related to the Adaptation to College"

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

I would often be stressed about what I needed to get done or about how things were turning out, but every time I walked out of the office, I was so at ease. I think the most important part about being at Collegewise was how personalized the process was, and how much care and time and effort went into me specifically.

Emma Ziegler


We signed up for the senior program, and in hindsight, we would’ve definitely been with Collegewise the entire four years! To those who balk at the program fee, the biggest investment a parent will make besides a major home purchase (nowadays, it might rival one in the Midwest!) deserves some expertise!

Cecile Wight, Parent of Carina Richardson

Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

The whole Collegewise experience has been nothing short of amazing! I am very thankful to my counselor for helping me truly show colleges who I am through my applications and personal statements and for facilitating my admission to my dream school. I couldn't have done it without her.

Meghan Miller


Collegewise was always there to help me with any questions I had, and they helped me down to EVERY last detail! They helped me pick a school that was perfect for me!

Ashley Dickman


I thoroughly enjoyed my Collegewise experience. It took so much stress and pressure off of the application process, and I am confident it made me a more competitive applicant.

Nick Sandoval

Pennsylvania State University

The college application process is confusing and tedious, and Collegewise really helped with that process. It was reassuring to go over my application with my counselor so that we could make sure that I had a better chance of getting in!

Kyra Neff

Villanova University