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Kathleen DeLuca

College Counselor


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When it comes to tutoring and counseling, Kathleen has created her own successful path, which, in turn, helps her students create theirs. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Boston College, minoring in General Education, then moved onto Seton Hall University, where she picked up her M.A. in School Counseling. As a grad student, she sharpened her skills matching students to their best-fit tutors as a Premier Private Tutoring Manager for Kaplan, and as a high school counselor in Somerville, NJ, she has helped many students create a roadmap to success as they plan their college journey.

Education & Experience

  • M.A., School Counseling, Seton Hall University
  • B.A., Psychology, Boston College
  • Former Kaplan Tutor Manager

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

I thoroughly enjoyed my Collegewise experience. It took so much stress and pressure off of the application process, and I am confident it made me a more competitive applicant.

Nick Sandoval

Pennsylvania State University

The entire Collegewise team took all the immense pressure off the college application process. From the methods they use to narrow down the college search to the advice and hand-holding, they really allowed us to enjoy helping our son get into his dream school. I cannot say one negative thing about Collegewise!

Gail Gray, Parent of Conner Gray

Texas Christian University

I absolutely loved Collegewise! They were extremely helpful, and I felt really good about my application. I would have never known where or how to apply without Collegewise. They made the application process much easier to understand. It was a fantastic decision to go with Collegewise!

Sean Mahoney

University of Washington

I had a wonderful experience with Collegewise! Collegewise made the college application process so much less stressful, and thanks to their help, I know I will be attending the school that’s right for me next year!

Megan LeGresley


Audrey found the perfect fit for her and received enough scholarship money to make the school affordable for us. We highly recommend Collegewise for busy families like ours.

Kellie Stevens, Parent of Audrey Stevens

Hofstra University

There is no way I would have been able to get through the college application process without Collegewise. Collegewise helped me find my first choice school (that I didn’t really know much about at first), write an amazing essay that was reflective of me, and kept me on top of all my to-do lists.

Jack Morgan

Colby College