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Leslie Levy

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Leslie earned her B.A. in English from Brandeis University and an Ed.M. and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. Leslie is an experienced high school teacher and guidance counselor, as well as an independent counselor. She truly cares about her students and enjoys supporting them in achieving their goals. Realizing that the college process can be stressful and overwhelming, her goal is to diffuse the pressure and guide students through their academic journey.

Education & Experience

  • Ed.M. & M.A., Counseling Psychology, Columbia University
  • B.A., English, Brandeis University
  • High School Guidance Counselor and Independent Counselor: 10+ years

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

It felt like we sent Blake on a journey in a faraway land, and he got a tour guide who told him what paths to try and which to turn away from. Not having been in this strange land ourselves, as parents, our greatest fear was we would give wrong directions. Great experience, comfortable for Blake from start to finish!

Bill Michelle, Parent of Blake Michelle

Chapman University

Collegewise helped make my daughter’s college application process smooth and painless. In the end, my daughter was accepted to and will be attending her first choice school, USD. I could not be more thrilled for Alana, and I owe so much to Collegewise for making my daughter’s dream school a reality!

Torrey Mellgren, Parent of Alana Mellgren

University of San Diego

I would often be stressed about what I needed to get done or about how things were turning out, but every time I walked out of the office, I was so at ease. I think the most important part about being at Collegewise was how personalized the process was, and how much care and time and effort went into me specifically.

Emma Ziegler


The college application process is confusing and tedious, and Collegewise really helped with that process. It was reassuring to go over my application with my counselor so that we could make sure that I had a better chance of getting in!

Kyra Neff

Villanova University

Going to my meetings at Collegewise never felt like a chore, but more as something to look forward to! Everyone in the office is so friendly, willing to help, and made for such great motivators and supporters when it came time to fill in apps and write essays. 10/10!

Emily Fletcher

Boston University

While working with Collegewise, the stress of college applications just melted away! Although the writing and research took some time, it was absolutely worth it because, in the end, I knew I had sent in the best application I could and the college I picked would be the perfect fit for me!

Elyssa Shoup

Guilford College