Meet Meegan!


Meet Meegan!


counselor profile
counselor profile

Meegan McRoberts, College Counselor

As a high school student, Meegan would fall asleep reading the Fiske Guide To Colleges for pleasure as she plotted her future. This led her to Colgate University where she earned a BA in English and then on to Washington University in St. Louis for a Master’s in Education. Meegan taught English at Whitfield School in St. Louis and could be found hanging out in the college counseling office as she gravitated toward her future career.

Meegan believes that the college discovery process should be a rewarding experience as students explore potential places where they will evolve and experience personal achievement. She sees her role as the navigator ensuring that no option is missed while making sure that her students are prepared for each potential twist and turn on the pathway that is college admission.

An advocate for equity and excellence in college admission, Meegan serves on the board of the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling and is also an active member of both the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Higher Education Consultants Association. When not working with her students, Meegan can often be found walking her two black labs and repairing the damage they inflict on her flower garden. Meegan still cooks, but unlike when she was a caterer, not on a deadline or for 150 people each day, although when her three adult children are home, she does feel a bit like a short order cook.

Education & Experience

B.A., English, Colgate University

Ed. M., Washington University

Board member, Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling

UCLA Certificate Program, College Counseling

Professional Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association

Professional Member, Higher Education Consultants Association

Has visited over 100 colleges

Founder of Future Plan, LLC

Professional Organization Memberships

NACAC: National Association for College Admission Counseling

MACAC: Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling

HECA: Higher Education Consultants Association

IECA: Independent Educational Consultants Association

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