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Nakul Malik

University Counselor

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Nakul is an Indian-born, Indonesian-raised Canadian citizen who lives in Singapore and has developed a unique understanding of globally connected students. With nearly ten years of experience as a recruiter and advisor for the University of British Columbia, he is recognized worldwide as an expert in the international education community. A frequent attender of conferences, Nakul has cultivated connections with college representatives and counselors across the globe and co-presented with numerous colleagues at CIS-EARCOS, International ACAC, TAISI and GUCC.

In his previous role, Nakul visited approximately 150 schools each year, allowing him to connect with thousands of students in Asia and Europe. Having advised 900+ prospective students annually, Nakul has proven himself as an advisor who easily connects with students, understands the expectations of parents, and appreciates diverse cultural nuances in college admissions.

Additionally, having reviewed more than 1,000 applications for the Sauder School of Business, including essays and video-recorded interviews, Nakul has a keen understanding of how best to make an application stand out.

Nakul holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of British Columbia and attended Parsons (New School) for a summer intensive in graphic design. He is also trained in multiple styles of Indian Dance and jumps at the chance to share his recommendations with anyone traveling to Bali.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Sauder School of Business
  • Former Advising Officer, University of British Columbia
  • Former Admission Evaluator, Sauder School of Business

Professional Organization Memberships

What are people saying about Collegewise?

My counselor was extremely helpful in helping me maximize the space I had to talk about my activities in the university application, deciding on which essay ideas were most interesting/relevant, and gaining valuable insight into the university admissions process. She became a go-to person to ask questions about doing apps, recommendations, interviews, and in coping with stress. She was kind, patient, honest about what I should expect, and helped me with every step. I highly recommend Collegewise and can’t imagine having done my university applications with anyone else!



In one session I was exposed to 3 major blind spots that could have severely crippled my application. Unless you have a very clear idea of how you want to craft your profile in the eyes of the admissions board, I would say Collegewise’s consulting services are a worthy investment.


University of Pennsylvania

As an international student, I was in complete shock that I got acceptance letters from so many universities and a 100% merit-based scholarship to an Ivy League school. Collegewise helped me to prioritize the extracurricular activities that showcased my all-round nature, and write about them well within the limited space available. My mentors were very supportive and we had a personal connection that I cherish and will definitely never forget.


Brown University

I applied to universities in the 2015-2016 application round on my own. I got rejected by all 6 overseas schools I applied to. This time around, with Collegewise’s help, I was accepted into 6 schools: Cambridge, Imperial, Yale-NUS, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and CMU.


University of Cambridge

My counselors were incredibly supportive throughout the entire application process. It was all very new and stressful for me, but the help I received definitely made the journey a whole lot smoother. My counselors were there every step of the way, checking in on me to make sure I was coping fine. I'm really pleased with the results I've achieved, and I’m truly grateful to everyone who helped make it possible.


Received offers from UCL, NYU, UCLA, UCSD

Collegewise helped me streamline my application through their policy of personal attention. I became much more confident in my own abilities and my application because of my mentor. The keystone of my application was the infamous Oxbridge interviews. Collegewise specially formulated a personal schedule by which I could immerse myself fully in the experience. By recreating the actual interviews, they helped me to acclimatize and prepare myself for the actual challenge. Collegewise mentors are more than a voice in your corner, they really become your friends throughout the journey!


University of Oxford