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    Colleen Boucher-Robinson

    College Counselor

    • M.A. in English Language and Literature, Boston University
    • Magna cum laude graduate, Loyola University Chicago
    • Outside application reader, University of San Francisco
    • Co-author, The 2019-20 Collegewise Guide to the Common App
    • Co-author, The Collegewise Guide to Summer Planning
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About Collegewise Bay Area - East Bay

Collegewise Bay Area - East Bay has been working with families in Danville since 2018 and in the Bay Area since 2014. Counselor and essay specialist Colleen Boucher-Robinson has helped students perfect thousands of essays for hundreds of college applications. Few things in life bring us greater joy than helping students find their stories.

In addition to guiding our students, we often have coffee dates with parents to share our knowledgeable, sane approach to the college admissions process. And we’re within driving distance of many Bay Area colleges, like Saint Mary's, Cal, Santa Clara, and San Jose State, so students can easily hop in the car and sneak in a college visit or two once they’re done with their Collegewise meeting.


of applications done by winter break


different colleges have admitted Collegewise Bay Area-East Bay students


essays brainstormed, revised, and proofread

What are people saying about Collegewise Bay Area - East Bay?

Our experience working with Colleen was great! We learned so much about the process and having someone with experience to guide us was invaluable. For every family, the process is long and daunting, and for most of us, the admissions process is a bit of a black box, so having someone to help you keep perspective during the journey is important. I would highly recommend using a college admissions coach, and Colleen is a wonderful choice!

Annette Finsterbusch, Parent of Chris Finsterbusch

American University

Colleen was able to communicate with Matt in such a way that he would listen to her advice. It was a learning experience for me as well, as the admissions process now is much different than when I entered college more than 30 years ago. Colleen has in-depth knowledge about the college admissions process and was an invaluable help to Matt with his essay writing. She also gave us some summer options that Matt truly enjoyed (Economics for Leaders). Hiring a college counselor is the way to go!

Gina Lim, Parent of Matthew Schultz

UC Santa Cruz

Starting my supplemental essays for college was one of the scariest things I've ever had to do. All I could think about was how nothing really interesting had happened in my life, and I thought no college would accept me. Colleen chatted with me in the midst of my freak-out and calmed me down. She assured me that even without a traumatic experience in my life, I was able to write an amazing essay. Thanks, Colleen!

Amelia Glickman

Indiana University

To a mere high schooler who doesn't know exactly what they want in a school, the college application process can seem like a series of doors all painted slightly different colors. But Colleen kept me on-task and helped me meet all of my deadlines (and trust me, this is no small feat!) She took the time to get to know me, both in order to find the schools where I would be happiest, and, to help me bring out my personal voice in my applications. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Colleen's incredible help and support!

Connor Powers


I honestly believe that without the help and support of my Collegewise counselor, Colleen, I wouldn’t have been as prepared or as confident as I was when applying to college. I was nervous, yes, but what eased my anxiety was the frequent check-ins and continuous support, even after I was done writing my essays. I owe a lot of my success to Collegewise and cannot thank them enough!

Thafir Elzofri

Wesleyan University

I absolutely loved Collegewise! The counselors are so friendly and welcoming, and I don't know how I would’ve made it through the whole application process without them. Colleen made sure I was on top of everything and helped me finish all my applications early. Without Collegewise, I might not have applied to University of Oregon, an amazing college that’s perfect for me!

Ruby Noto

University of Oregon

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