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    Meredith Graham


    • Former Associate Director of Admissions, Cornell University
    • Former Associate Director of the University Service Center, Boston University
    • Former Academic Advisor, Purdue University
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About Collegewise Columbus

Though our Columbus office opened its current location on High Street in 2017, counselor Meredith Graham has been imparting sane admissions advice to Collegewise students since 2013. Big Ten sports fans might appreciate that taking our street south will lead you to Ohio State, while following it north will take you to the University of Michigan. Since we opened our doors in 2013, we’ve helped students submit nearly 1000 college applications (to Big Ten schools, among many others), and we mark every submission with a good celebratory high five.

Don’t worry if you’re meeting with Meredith via Skype—she doesn't let minor details like online meetings stop her. The "Skype-five" might look a little strange at first, but students adapt to it quickly and Skype-five right back.


of Collegewise Columbus students were admitted to at least one highly selective college


different colleges have admitted Collegewise Columbus students


Average merit aid offered per student

What are people saying about Collegewise Columbus?

After much trepidation, this process could not have been easier. I attribute much of the ease to my son’s amazing counselor, Meredith. Their Skype sessions proved to be beyond effective. Meredith truly “got” my son. She was able to keep him on track and inspired a level of responsibility where he took total charge.

Cara Gelfand, Parent of Diego Soler

Tufts University

We are thrilled with Meredith. She calmed and guided Adam’s parents (us!) through the journey, and most of all, she made what many of our friends told us was an incredibly stressful process into a stress-free journey, and at the end, Adam had several great school acceptances.

Mark Micciche, Parent of Adam Micciche

George Washington University

Where do I begin? We could not have asked for a better counselor than Meredith for our daughter. Meredith was a researcher, a teacher, a confidante, a motivator/cheerleader, and ultimately a friend to our family. We are so pleased to have had the privilege of working with Meredith. Meredith Graham is one in a million!

Sonja Simon, Parent of Alexis Jones

Quinnipiac University

We found the Collegewise experience to be a tremendous resource for our son. So many of the schools were such an excellent fit that when he was accepted to 9 of his 11 options—and received scholarship monies from several—it made for a very hard decision when choosing among multiple fantastic choices.

Lisa Levey, Parent of Skylar Levey

Connecticut College

Meredith has been phenomenal. We’ve signed our sophomore daughter up to work with Meredith also. I think that sums it up clearly! Anytime I started to suffer any “anxiety” or just plain confusion, I reached out to Meredith. Her knowledge and advice always clarified and calmed.

Jayne Micciche, Parent of Adam Micciche

George Washington University

From picking colleges to brainstorming essay topics and planning a timeline, my counselor guided me throughout the entire process and made everything run smoothly. With the help of the timely deadlines planned by my counselor, I calmly cruised through my applications while everyone else stressed out over each deadline.

Ray Wu

UC San Diego

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