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    Monica Gallego Rude

    College Counselor

    • B.A., Washington University in St. Louis
    • Completing Doctorate with the Institute of Education, University College London
    • Worked in admissions in Taiwan, US, and UK
    • Certificate in College Counseling, UCLA
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About Collegewise Palo Alto

If you’re looking for an internationally savvy counselor whose office is located only 1.7 miles from Stanford, look no further than Monica at Collegewise Palo Alto. Outfitted with plush couches (not to mention a knowledgeable counselor), our Palo Alto office has become a college application hub where seniors feel comfortable to work on their college apps in peace.

At Collegewise Palo Alto, every milestone is celebrated as seniors ring a bell upon the completion of each college application. The ultimate achievement? Palo Alto seniors ring the Collegewise gong once all of their applications have been submitted.


of UC applicants admitted to 2+ UC campuses


of students named Regents Scholars compared to 1% of students statewide


of students met with Collegewise Palo Alto online or at a local Starbucks

What are people saying about Collegewise Palo Alto?

  • student photo


    Brown University

    I found the brainstorming sessions to be helpful, and I appreciated the freedom given to me when I was writing the essays.
  • student photo

    Negin, Parent of Shereen


    It was an absolute pleasure working with Collegewise. Monica was very sweet, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, which helped my daughter as we went through this stressful process.
  • student photo

    JR, Parent of Samantha

    Clark University

    We simply could not have navigated the college application process as well as we did without Collegewise. I believe that without Collegewise, we never would have found such a great fit for our daughter and the process would have been much harder.
  • student photo


    Lehigh University

    Collegewise was incredibly helpful! I appreciate this program so much and do not think I could have made it through senior year without it! Every senior should use this program because it's absolutely amazing!
  • student photo

    David, Parent of Sophie

    The University of British Columbia

    Sophie looked forward to her appointments and did the prep work religiously. Collegewise took the right approach, with clear guidance but a light touch in terms of letting Sophie drive the decision-making. Sophie owned her approach and ended up happy with her options.
  • student photo

    Jiffy, Parent of Grant

    Whitman College

    Collegewise broke up the application process into very manageable pieces so that my son never felt overwhelmed. The essay assistance was top-notch. I have recommended Collegewise to many others!

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