Is Your Child Getting Enough Help with Their College Applications?

Many high school guidance counselors are simply overloaded with hundreds of students and don’t have the time to offer the individual assistance your child may need.

Collegewise provides college counseling programs to ensure your child gets personalized assistance. Our counselors provide encouraging expert advice and help your child avoid common college application and college essay mistakes.

How Does Collegewise Help with the College Application Process?

An expert personal college counselor will work with your child step-by-step through the entire college application process. Our counselors will help with all aspects of the admission process, including:

  • Selecting and identifying the best college fits
  • Step-by-step college application guidance
  • Scheduling and managing application submissions
  • Help with writing and editing college essays
  • Answering difficult questions, in applications and admissions interviews

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Meet Your Palo Alto Counselors

Photo of Monica Rude
College Counselor
  • B.A., Washington University in St. Louis
  • Completing Doctorate with the Institute of Education, University College London
  • Worked in admissions in Taiwan, US, and UK
  • Certificate in College Counseling, UCLA

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From our happy students and parents:

I love Collegewise! You saved my mind and my relationship with my son...and he got into every school he applied to! Which means he picked the right choices for him and presented himself in the best way...thanks to you Collegewise.

Elizabeth Bader, Parent of Jack Fahey, San Diego State University

I had a wonderful experience with Collegewise!

Megan LeGresley, UCLA

I honestly believe that without the help and support of my Collegewise counselor, I would not have been as prepared or as confident as I was when applying to college. I owe a lot of my success to Collegewise and cannot thank them enough.

Thafir Elzofri, Wesleyan University

We could not be more satisfied with our experience at Collegewise and will be signing up our younger daughter for a repeat performance.

Gordon Seabury, Parent of Hannah Seabury, Middlebury College

I would recommend Collegewise to anyone and everyone. This was by far the best investment we made during our son's high school years. We have now started our second son in the program.

Cezie Jolas, Parent of Michael Jolas, Indiana University

Collegewise provides superior resources that are essential to your child's college decision, and there is no better way to prepare (and then guide) your student in the college selection process.

Mary Beth Thornton, Parent of Emma Thornton, Northeastern University

We love Collegewise. The best part for me, as a mom, was that I never had to bug, push or prod my kid to get everything turned in and completed. His counselor was so on top of everything! She really worked with our son to create a customized plan for him, which wasn't easy since even he wasn't quite sure what he wanted.

Lisa Fahey, Parent of Jack Fahey, San Diego State University

Though nothing can make the arduous task of putting yourself on display to hopefully be chosen by an institution of higher learning easy, the overwhelmingly positive attitude of everyone at Collegewise made it seem almost enjoyable. I am happy with my school choice and it is in large part thanks to Collegewise.

Grayson Gothard, Reed College

Collegewise helped expand my choices for college and allowed me to find places that fit my specific interests.

Carina Richardson, The New School: Eugene Lang

My Collegewise counselor helped me find the dream school I didn't even know existed, and then gave me the tools to create my best application possible.

Paul Charbonneau, Occidental College

I got into college because of Collegewise. Thank you so much for everything you did!

Megan Porter, Arizona State University – Barrett Honors College

I thoroughly enjoyed my Collegewise experience. It took so much stress and pressure off of the application process, and I am confident it made me a more competitive applicant.

Nick Sandoval, Pennsylvania State University

I absolutely loved my Collegewise experience. Through this program, every student can shine and find his or her dream school.

Alexis Jones, Quinnipiac University

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