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  • counselor photo

    Amy Chatterjee

    Senior College Counselor

    • Former College Consultant, CUNY at Home in College
    • Former Coordinator of Collegiate Programming, Peter Jay Sharp Foundation
    • B.S. in Secondary School Counseling, Villanova University
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  • counselor photo

    Matt Musico

    College Counselor

    • Former Associate Director of Admissions, Sacred Heart University
    • M.S. in Sports Management
    • Specializes in athletic recruiting
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  • counselor photo

    Judy Lee

    College Counselor

    • Former Assistant Director of Admissions, Yale University
    • M.A. in Administration and Policy Analysis, Stanford University
    • Former Principal Analyst, UC Office of the President, Student Academic Services
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About Collegewise Westport

In 2014, we brought our experience and admissions savvy to Westport, CT. We meticulously celebrate the submission of each student’s first college application by taking photos of the student hitting the submit button and sending an email to the parents notifying them they have an official college applicant in the house.

Our Westport counselors have noticed that celebrating the beginning of the process helps students maintain their motivation to finish. Families are also likely to find candy and snacks aplenty when they visit us (and we’ve noticed that parents are often more excited about the sugar than students are).


of Collegewise Westport students attend one of their top 3 college choices


of students applying Early Decision or Early Action were admitted

$3.2 million

Total merit aid for class of 2017 seniors

What are people saying about Collegewise Westport?

We had a fantastic experience with Collegewise and our counselor. The quality of the advice and all the services provided far exceeded our expectations. Our son got accepted to most colleges on his list, including his top choice, and most importantly, he is very happy with his decision.

Gerardo Ancalmo, Parent of Colin Ancalmo

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

I approached the college application process knowing that my son excelled at procrastination. Our counselor’s knowledge and boundless enthusiasm quickly won our family over. She did as marvelous a job counseling us as she did counseling our son. We have recommended Collegewise to many of our friends.

Joanne Russell, Parent of Dan Russell

Hamilton College

We knew we needed a third party to help guide our son in the application process. Thank goodness our counselor was there to reinforce our concerns, keep Matt focused, and to follow up on those deadlines. More importantly, she made sure Matt focused on the right schools that suited his personality and abilities best.

Matthew Mihaly Sr., Parent of Matthew Mihaly Jr.

Penn State

Our counselor was my calming force throughout this long, tedious, and at times stressful process. From the minute she met my son, they immediately clicked. She has a wealth of knowledge and kept him organized and on task. She was a sounding board and coach, an essay editor, and a buffer for my relationship with my son.

Jackie Madwed, Parent of Josh Madwed

Georgia Institute of Technology

My counselor genuinely cared about how I felt throughout my college search and not only took a lot of the unnecessary stress off my shoulders, but also helped me find the perfect fit where I knew I would thrive. She taught me so many application tricks that set me apart from other students.

Joann Mobarak

University of Connecticut

Our counselor turned what would have been a very challenging time into an exciting one! My daughter felt so comfortable with her, and she was able to help Sarah have reasonable expectations while allowing her to feel a sense of pride in her accomplishments. I cannot imagine ever going through this process without her!

Kimberly Winnick, Parent of Sarah Winnick

East Carolina University

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