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Meet a Collegewise Online Admission Counselor

We want you to have access to top notch admissions advice even if the closest Collegewise office is hundreds (or thousands) of miles from where you live. Our online counselors conduct meetings with students from across the country using platforms like Skype and Zoom. The best part? You won't have to leave home to get expert admissions advice and a customized college application plan. 


Working with Collegewise online means that you'll be meeting with an admissions expert. Our online counselors have worked in admissions offices across the country at universities like Stanford, Colorado College, Harvard, USC, and Columbia. As long as you have a working computer and a willing student, our online counselors will partner with you to take care of the rest.


And don't worry—meeting with your counselor online won't make the process any less human. Our online counselors create personal bonds with their students over the course of many meetings (and texts, emails, and phone calls). Your counselor will work closely with your family to ensure that your college questions never go unanswered. 

Who We Are

At Collegewise, the core of the work that we do with families is recognizing that this isn’t just about college.


It’s about making sure our students know what classes make most sense for them and their goals, which activities will allow them to thrive, what summer opportunities will help them grow, and how college fits into that broader picture of who they’re becoming.


A college counselor, at their best, helps you navigate every piece of that journey. And that’s what we do, every day.


Our counselors receive rigorous training when they're hired, and we keep a close eye on each counselor's roster size to ensure our students get the attention and support they need. Because, after all—if you're not successful, neither are we.

Ready to tackle the admissions process?