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No Collegewise office near you? No problem. At Collegewise, great college advice isn't confined to our physical offices. A meeting with your Collegewise counselor is just a click away.


    No local results found. Please take a look at our online service or international service


      No local results found. Please take a look at our online service or international service

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      We want you to have access to top notch admissions advice even if the closest Collegewise office is hundreds (or thousands) of miles from where you live. Our online counselors conduct meetings with students from across the country using platforms like Skype and Zoom. The best part? You won't have to leave home to get expert admissions advice and a customized college application plan. 

      Working with Collegewise online means that you'll be meeting with an admissions expert. Our online counselors have worked in admissions offices across the country at universities like Stanford, Colorado College, Harvard, USC, and Columbia. As long as you have a working computer and a willing student, our online counselors will partner with you to take care of the rest. 

      And don't worry—meeting with your counselor online won't make the process any less human. Our online counselors create personal bonds with their students over the course of many meetings (and texts, emails, and phone calls). Your counselor will work closely with your family to ensure that your college questions never go unanswered. 

      We think you'll find your perfect fit by taking a look at our counselors' bios below. We can't wait to hear from you.


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      • counselor photo

        Maureen Gelberg

        College Counselor

        • Former Admissions Officer, USC and University of Michigan
        • Has reviewed more than 15,000 applicant files
        • Former Application Reader, UCLA; Faculty Member at UCLA Extension
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      • counselor photo

        Monica Gallego Rude


        • B.A., Washington University in St. Louis
        • Completing Doctorate with the Institute of Education, University College London
        • Worked in admissions in Taiwan, US, and UK
        • Certificate in College Counseling, UCLA
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      • counselor photo

        Tim Townley

        Managing Director

        • Former Assistant Director of International Admissions, Boston University
        • Former Assistant Director of Admissions, George Washington University
        • Former College Counselor, The American School in Switzerland
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      • counselor photo

        Meredith Graham

        Director of College Counseling

        • Former Associate Director of Admissions, Cornell University
        • Former Associate Director of the University Service Center, Boston University
        • Former Academic Advisor, Purdue University
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      • counselor photo

        Jay Comfort

        College Counselor

        • Former College Counselor, Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland
        • Certified College Counselor, Harvard Institute of College Admission
        • Thirty years of overseas living in Japan and Switzerland
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      • counselor photo

        Monica Brown

        College Counselor

        • B.A., Stanford University
        • M.Ed., Harvard University
        • Former Senior Admissions Officer, Harvard University
        • Former Assistant Director of Admission, Wellesley College
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      • counselor photo

        Christopher R. LaBounty

        College Counselor

        • Former Admissions Counselor, MIT
        • MBA, Boston University
        • M.A. in Teaching, Northeastern University
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      • counselor photo

        Meg Mahoney

        College Counselor

        • Counseled over 200 students globally
        • B.S., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Harvard University; M.Ed., UMass Boston; College Counseling Certificate, UCLA; Licensed MA School Counselor
        • Former Outside Application Reader, Bentley University
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      • counselor photo

        Arun Ponnusamy

        Head Counselor & Vice President

        • Former Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Chicago
        • Former Assistant Director of Admissions, Caltech
        • Former Application Reader, UCLA
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      • counselor photo

        Nandita Gupta

        College Counselor

        • Read over 7000 applications during her tenure as an admissions officer at Stanford University
        • Princeton graduate; thesis on college accessibility & readiness
        • Managed Stanford’s alumni interview program in two regions
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      • counselor photo

        Colleen Boucher-Robinson

        College Counselor

        • Co-author, The Collegewise Guide to Summer Planning
        • M.A. in English Language and Literature
        • Magna cum laude graduate, Loyola University Chicago
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