Thanks again for buying “Story Finders,” our college essay lesson plan for teachers, counselors, and anyone else looking to help students write better college essays (and avoid the harrowing pitfalls of clich├ęs). Here’s where you can download additional resources to help you do an even better job for your students.

What about the copyright notices?

The documents intended to be shared with students have special permissions described in the copyright notices. Just read and follow the fine print in each document and you’ll be a law abiding Story Finder. And since these resources are meant as extras for people who bought our book, if any of your friends or colleagues wants to use them, too, please encourage those folks to buy their own copies of “Story Finders.” If you have questions, just drop us a line at [email protected]. Enjoy!

Essay Brainstorming Questions

19 questions to get your students’ stories started (that’s some serious alliteration in that sentence).

Samples of Essay Commentary

11 essays edited from start to finish, complete with our commentary. See how our essay specialists give constructive feedback and help without helping too much.

Essay Workshop Handout: Student Edition

No need to make a handout for the essay workshop–use ours! With plenty of blank space, too, for students to take notes.

Essay Workshop Handout: Teacher Edition

The same as the student edition, but with notes for teachers. It’s like we’re there with you without, you know, physically being there.