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All tutors have scored in the 95th percentile on the SAT & ACT and have college degrees.

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Anuj Bhutani 

Since he started tutoring while studying Psychology at UT Austin, Anuj has known that he simply loves the act of teaching. He’s also apparently a glutton for school, as he now holds three degrees! Most recently, he studied music composition at the University of North Texas and jump-started an illustrious career as a composer. Now, Anuj has returned to Austin as a professional musician, and teaches everything from music to ACT/SAT prep to German (ask him about when he studied abroad in Germany!). When he’s not tutoring, he’s usually (yep, you guessed it) writing, playing, or teaching music! No seriously though, he’s also kind of a film nerd, loves hiking/being outside in Austin, and hunting down his next favorite coffee shop in town.

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Arpit Patel

Arpit earned dual B.S. degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry from Rutgers University. He has researched bacterial photosynthesis and was formerly in EMS. He’s currently pursuing teaching degrees in Biological and Physical Sciences.

Specializes in: ACT Math/Science, SAT Math, GRE/GMAT Math, MCAT: biology, chemistry and physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Environmental Science, Honors Physics, Statistics, Linear Algebra, and Calculus I-III

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Betty Emili

For more than two decades, Betty has been teaching high school mathematics—everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus and Statistics. She earned her B.S. degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from San Pedro Nolasco University in Argentina, where she also worked for many years developing math curriculum for high school and adult education. Betty enjoys working with a team of smart, respectful, and generous tutors (who also happen to have a great sense of humor). She believes in putting students first, which is why as a Collegewise tutor, the equation just works!

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Math/Science, Math Curriculum including Statistics and Calculus

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Bob Kupelian

When working with students, Bob often returns to the saying, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” as he is dedicated to readying them for their futures and helping them succeed. Bob has been a history teacher, detective, and horse farmer—pretty much in that order. He has an undergraduate degree in history with a minor in literature and a masters in European history—all from Rutgers. He was a member of ROTC during college and then an officer in an elite Army Ranger Paratrooper unit.

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Verbal, US History, European History, Study Skills, Writing

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Christine Bechtold

With a dual undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and American Studies from Rider University (minors in Special Education and Middle School English), and dual CEAS certifications in Elementary Education and Special Education, Christine has helped students at various learning levels discover their strengths—whether they know about them yet or not! She is currently a Special Education teacher in Newark, NJ, where she provides additional support for students in literacy and mathematics, and teaches Wilson’s Just Words program. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, attending professional development events, and volunteering.

Specializes in: Elementary School Support

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Daniel Fang

Daniel is based in our Irvine office, where he teaches all subjects of the ACT/SAT. He also works for a start-up as a financial entrepreneur. Daniel attended Vanderbilt University and studied Econ, Business, and Philosophy—holy Renaissance man! He loves being outdoors and includes hiking, snowboarding, and basketball among his interests, in addition to reading, hanging out with friends, and learning, oh, just about anything. Daniel has beautiful penmanship, a rare talent in today’s world, and offered this: “I think if I had to choose an abstract concept for my career, it would be aestheticism, and if I had to choose a sub-topic of aestheticism, it would be subtlety.”

Specializes in: ACT/SAT

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Delavar Basha

Delavar’s current job as a program manager has led him to earn various esteemed management and technical credentials, including SCRUM, AWS, and ITIL. And as an academic consultant for the ACT, SAT, and GRE exams, he’s helped students rack up credentials as well. With a master’s degree from Amberton University and a bachelor’s from Rutgers, Delavar has gained experience with technical writing, graduate school admissions essays, and AP English classes. He genuinely enjoys helping students get on the right academic track and reach their goals.

Specializes in: GRE and ACT/SAT Verbal, Writing, ISEE/SSAT and study skills

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Don Gehan

Don teaches test prep for all of the required sections of both the ACT and SAT, and he offers tutoring for all levels of math and statistics. He has a master’s in Statistics from Rutgers and a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Boston College. He lives in NJ with his wife and two children, where he enjoys biking, skiing, and community theater. 

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Math and Verbal, SAT Subject Test/Literature, Curriculum Math

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Erik Brugamyer

Erik is a high school Physics and Math teacher by day, a tutor on nights and weekends and a pool shark, always. Seriously, he’s nationally ranked at pocket billiards so you know he’s deeply intuitive about both geometry and game theory. Erik’s base of operations is in Collegewise’s Austin office. He studied at The University of Texas at Austin, where he double-majored in Physics (B.S.) and Astronomy (B.A., with a minor in German). Erik matriculated into the Astronomy Ph.D. program at UT - Austin, and completed the degree in 2014. He also received a graduate degree in accounting and took a job in Chicago, IL with one of the largest international public accounting firms in the world. Along the way, he was also awarded an M.A. degree, bringing the total number of degrees to five. In addition, Erik has… • Scored in the 99th % on his SAT/ACT math and science portions • Strong experience teaching students with learning difficulties (including dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD and anxiety) • Complete mastery of high school math and physics at any level – including the first couple of years of college courses • A desire to teach students of all skill levels Erik’s passion around academics is pervasive. In addition to all of the above, he’s discovered, or helped discover, more than two dozen extrasolar planets. Since we’re not astrophysicists in our spare time, you’ll have to ask Erik what ‘extrasolar’ means.

Specializes in: SAT/ACT math and science, curriculum math and physics

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Gustavo Verzbickis

Gustavo loves to help his students experience Hispanic language and culture. He is originally from Argentina, where he graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, and was a professor of Hispanic Language and Literature. He currently teaches AP Spanish, Spanish 4, and Spanish as a second language at Abraham Clark High School.

Specializes in: Spanish curriculum, AP Spanish, and Spanish subject test

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Holly Liebau

Holly is based in NJ and is a private elementary/high school math school teacher who will be focusing on math for the ACT and SAT. Holly graduated from The College of NJ, majoring in Mathematics with a minor Secondary Education. You may hear her singing in the shower or quoting The Office so she fits right in at CW. Holly has worked with hundreds of students in a variety of school settings: public, charter and private. Holly holds a bunch of educational certifications and can offer tips on working with many learning types, including those who are dyslexic. Holly has a zoo at home (not quite at the Joe Exotic level) but it does include 5 dogs and 4 cats, reflecting her love of animals.

Specializes in MATH - SAT, ACT, ISEE, Algebra I & II, Geometry 

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Jon Tarella

Since Halloween 2007 (yes, that really was his first day), Jon has tutored hundreds of high school students privately and at learning centers in both group and individual settings. Earlier that year, he completed his B.S. in Applied Physics from Rutgers University, graduating with highest honors. Jon feels his experiences working with students enhance his understanding of pedagogy, the subjects he teaches, and how teens think, though he makes no guarantees regarding the latter.

Specializes in: GRE Math, SAT/ACT Math/Science, Physics (Regular; Honors; AP 1, 2, C - Mechanics, and C - Electricity and Magnetism), Chemistry (Regular; Honors; AP), Math (All high school courses; Calculus I-III; Differential Equations), Statistics

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Katie Avagliano

Katie is one of the strongest writing and verbal instructors within Collegewise. She is equally adept at the SAT, ACT, AP English, and remedial writing instruction. With an MFA in Creative Writing from American University, Katie has the ability to diagnose and fix problems with student essays after a twenty-second skim and a minute-long conversation. She has also served as an adjunct professor at local colleges teaching writing. Katie is truly a woman for all linguistic seasons who readily admits that she is entirely incompetent at mastering the use of chopsticks.

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, AP English, study skills and remedial writing instruction

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Kevin Choi

Kevin is available to work with students in the sciences and math (all levels) along with helping students obtain higher SAT and ACT scores as a math/science specialist. Kevin is yet another Collegewiser who so loved New Jersey that he chose to attend Rutgers and studied chemistry. Along the way, Kevin perfected his tutoring skills in math, chemistry, and physics, and much like LeBron James once proclaimed that he was “taking his talents to South Beach,” Kevin brought his to Collegewise, New Jersey. In his rare spare time (Kevin is also an EMT), he enjoys fine tuning his martial artistry and takes particular pleasure in ‘roundhousing.’ We had to look it up as well.

Specializes in: Science, Math, Study Skills, SAT, and ACT

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Kirsten Mattingly

Kirsten is an experienced tutor who loves a good challenge. One of her former students was identified as gifted in math and science, but needed a safe place and access to materials to excel. Kirsten was able to provide her with support and she ended up getting a full-ride scholarship to ASU. She earned her B.S. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in International Studies and Religious Studies. Outside of tutoring she works at the Kuwait Cultural Office as an Academic Advisor. She will fit right in at Collegewise because she appreciates our nerdy sense of humor.

Specializes in: Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, Calc, Stats, Economics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology

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Masaru (Masa) Nakajima

Masa enjoys sharing his love of Physics with one and all, and is an expert on the Math section of the SAT. Masa earned his Master of Science degree in Physics from the University of Saskatchewan where he swears that the laws of thermodynamics still applied, even during the frigid Canadian winters. Nowadays, Masa is a full-time PhD student. He does want people to know that when he’s focused, he is focused all the way. This applies to his students’ performances, his accumulation of knowledge, and his commitment to watching the entire Game of Throne series in less than a month.

Specializes in: Any level Physics, SAT Math, ACT Math/Science and Japanese

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Michael Cohen

Michael spends his days in Philadelphia instructing at Temple University, where he earned his master's degree and continues his doctoral studies in Religion, despite the fact that life in Philly can sometimes be tough for this New York Mets and Giants fan. At the undergraduate level, he studied History and Philosophy at the University of Delaware. Michael has seen hundreds of students pass through his classroom and has tutored over 500 hours with private students. 

Specializes in: LSAT, SAT/ACT, ISEE/SSAT, AP US History, AP World History, AP Language, AP Government, AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, and study skills

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Michal Goldstein

Michal Goldstein moved to Austin, TX on August 1st, 2009 and taught his first SAT and GRE courses on August 2nd. Since then, Michal founded his own test preparation company, wrote his own curricula, and has continued to be one of the only full-time test preparation instructors in Texas. He has helped thousands of students meet and exceed their testing goals. He takes every test he teaches on an annual basis to maintain a high level of mastery of the material and to remind himself of what his students experience every time they test. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Michal received his B.A. from Brandeis University (English and Psychology), and his M.A. in Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Michal serves a member of the faculty at St. Edward's University and Austin Community College. As Director of Tutoring at Collegewise, he has a passion for helping students. In his words, "There are only good reasons to continue one's education or go back to school. I'm here to help students see that process through." 

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, English, Mathematics (through early pre-calculus), Hebrew, Psychology, and foundational French

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Nancy Ciabattari

As a tutor, Nancy aspires to impart both knowledge and joy. She teaches to a student’s individual learning style with the goal of empowerment. At Brown University, Nancy earned master’s degrees in English/Creative Writing and Slavic/Comparative Literature. She also has a B.A. in English and Political Science from Boston College with a subfield in Art History, and a second B.A. in Russian from Rutgers. She was a witness to history when the Berlin Wall fell while she was studying abroad in the former Soviet Union. Nancy also spent part of her childhood living in Hawaii and continues to spread the Aloha spirit. As a resident at Bard, she has published a literary study guide and is currently completing a collection of poetry. 

Specializes in: SAT/ACT/GRE Verbal, Literature, Writing, Reading, Critical Thinking, and Study Skills

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Paul DiLena

Paul has tutored students in all levels of math, French, economics, and computer science—from middle school and high school through college. He grew up in Wallonia (the French-speaking southern region of Belgium) and graduated from the University of Mons, also in Belgium. He earned his graduate Business degree from Michigan State University, where he worked as a teaching assistant in French.

Specializes in: Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, French and Italian

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Sabina Molander

Sabina speaks, writes, reads, dreams, and cooks in Spanish. A native of Argentina, she graduated from Washington University with a M.S. in Social Work, and, as a native Spanish speaker, she has developed Spanish curriculum and trained Spanish teachers. In her spare time, Sabina enjoys tennis, yoga, and hiking with her family. ¡Hasta pronto mis amigos!

Specializes in: Spanish, Study Skills and TOEFL

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Shelbi Polk

Shelbi is based in North Carolina where she is a freelance writer and lover of the French language—some of her training notes were transcribed in that tongue. She is a graduate of Texas A&M where she double majored in Literature and International Relations and minored in French. Shelbi began tutoring as a teenager, coaching her brother. She notes, “My first student was my little brother, and I'll always value the time we spent working together! My favorite session was one we spent on A Tale of Two Cities, when it finally clicked with him that reading books from 150 years ago could help him think about his own life.” A fellow bibliophile, Shelbi tries to read at least one book a week, which she has to balance with watering her 24 houseplants regularly.

Specializes in: ACT/SAT Verbal, Writing, French and Study skills

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Sidd Prasad

Sidd has tutored over 800 hours and loves helping kids gear up for the ACT and SAT. He earned a degree in Biological Sciences from Rice University and later completed his master's degree in Special Education—specializing in autism—at the University of Texas while working as a behavior therapist for young children. He plays the drums, piano, and can make a water droplet sound with his cheek. An avid video game enthusiast, Sidd enjoys Super Smash Bros and StarCraft II. His other talents include making impressions of his favorite cartoon characters and cooking up a mean chicken curry.

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, MCAT, Alg 1, 2, Pre-calc., Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Study Skills

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Stefanie Toye

As a Director of Tutoring, Stefanie truly understands the importance of helping students become more independent in their personal academic journeys. Whether working 1:1 or in a class, Stefanie has helped coach thousands of students towards their goal test scores or higher achievement in grades. In fact, Stefanie is a Certified Professional Coach. Prior to joining Collegewise, she worked at Rutgers University, where she earned a master’s degree in Literacy Education. She has been with Collegewise in some form for the last 9 years. For those of you in NJ, she was a part of Ivy Educational Services, a Collegewise company. Stefanie graduated with a B.A. from the University of Virginia and then studied at universities in Italy, taking courses in Italian language, literature, and art history. Stefanie also worked at a large test prep and admissions company, where she spent several years teaching SAT and TOEFL courses and managed various high school and graduate classes. Part of the Collegewise content team, Stefanie regularly blogs and presents webinars, videos, and seminars.  

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Verbal and Math/Science, Writing, Study Skills, ISEE/SSAT 

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Steve Hiel

Steve’s specialty is helping students with the verbal portions of either the SAT or ACT—he’s scored in the 99th percentile on both. Steve was a double major in History and Spanish from Duke University where he was also one of the very first students to earn a certificate in Markets & Management. Steve’s teaching style is multi-modal as he is comfortable with both visual and auditory approaches. Steve definitely hails from the school of calm, patient instructors who believe that something has not truly been taught until it has been heard and understood.

Specializes in: SAT & ACT Verbal, Study Skills and ISEE/SSAT

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Tanner Rieve

Tanner is our first and only full-time tutor. His approach to tutoring is unique: he believes the mentality of the students is intertwined with their ability to learn new content. He graduated from CU Boulder with a BA in Psychology, and he is currently working towards a PsyD degree. His plans are to continue teaching and to do clinical work with high school and college students. Tanner has also had the fortunate opportunity to live, go to school, and work in different regions of the country. From the CA integrated math system to the East Coast private school entrance exams, Tanner tailors his sessions not only to the students but also to the areas in which they live.

Specializes in: SAT/ACT all sections, GRE all sections, SSAT/ISEE/HSPT, Psychology, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Study Skills

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Walter Buhro

Walter is a master of many trades: he practices martial arts, cooks, studies Japanese and German, and is a self-proclaimed early bird. In addition to his Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills, Walter possesses serious STEM knowledge as a physics and environmental science teacher at a New Jersey high school. He was a bass singer in a choir at Washington University in St. Louis, his undergraduate alma mater, where he also minored in English before earning a master's in Physics at Michigan State University (go Spartans!).

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Verbal and Math/Science, GRE, SSAT/ISEE,  all high school maths, Physics (all levels), Environmental Science and Study Skills

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