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All tutors have scored in the 95th percentile on the SAT & ACT and have college degrees.

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Abraham Ratner, Tutor

Abraham has worked with more students than he can count, with extensive experience in classroom and group settings. He has a knack for making lessons accessible and is particularly interested

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, History, English, Math through Algebra II

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Arpit Patel, Tutor

Arpit earned dual B.S. degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry from Rutgers University. He has researched bacterial photosynthesis and was formerly in EMS. He’s currently pursuing teaching degrees in Biological

Specializes in: ACT Math/Science, SAT Math, GRE/GMAT Math, MCAT: biology, chemistry and physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Honors Physics, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Calculus I-III

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Betty Emili, Tutor

For more than two decades, Betty has been teaching high school mathematics—everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus and Statistics. She earned her B.S. degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from San

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Math/Science, Math Curriculum including Statistics and Calculus

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Bob Kupleian, Tutor

When working with students, Bob often returns to the saying, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” as he is dedicated to readying them for their futures and helping them succeed. Bob

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Verbal, US History, European History, Study Skills, Writing

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Branden Galley, Tutor

Branden has led more than 100 students to success with the SAT and ACT, economics, and math. His approach is to use material outside of the class’s prescribed materials to

Specializes in: SAT and ACT, economics, and math up to Calculus AB

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Christina Huff, Tutor

Christina has proudly taught more than a 1,000 students. After graduating with her degree in Computer Science, Christina did what any newly minted CompSci major would do, and went to

Specializes in: SAT and ACT

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Christine Bechtold, Tutor

With a dual undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and American Studies from Rider University (minors in Special Education and Middle School English), and dual CEAS certifications in Elementary Education and

Specializes in: Elementary School Support

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Daniel Fang, Tutor

Daniel is based in our Irvine office where he will be teaching all subjects of the ACT/SAT. He works for a start-up as a financial entrepreneur. Daniel went to Vandy

Specializes in: ACT/SAT

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Delavar Basha, Tutor

Delavar’s current job as a program manager has led him to earn various esteemed management and technical credentials, including SCRUM, AWS, and ITIL. But as an academic consultant for the

Specializes in: GRE and ACT/SAT Verbal, Writing, ISEE/SSAT

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Don Gehan, Tutor

Don teaches test prep for all of the required sections of both the ACT and SAT, and he offers tutoring for all levels of math and statistics. He has a

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Math and Verbal, SAT Subject Test/Literature, Curriculum Math

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Erik Brugamyer, Tutor

Erik is a high school Physics and Math teacher by day, a tutor on nights and weekends and a pool shark, always. Seriously, he’s nationally ranked at pocket billiards so

Specializes in: SAT/ACT math and science, curriculum math and physics

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Gustavo Verzbickis, Tutor

Gustavo loves to help his students experience Hispanic language and culture. He is originally from Argentina, where he graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, and was a professor of Hispanic

Specializes in: Spanish curriculum, AP Spanish, and Spanish subject test

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Holly Liebau, Tutor

Holly is based in NJ and is a private elementary/high school math school teacher who will be focusing on math for the ACT and SAT. Holly graduated from The College

Specializes in: Math for ACT/SAT

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Jon Tarella, Tutor

Jon has tutored numerous high school students privately and at learning centers in both group and individual settings. In 2007, he earned his B.S. in Applied Physics from Rutgers University,

Specializes in: GRE Math, SAT/ACT Math/Science, Physics, Chemistry, Math

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Kandyss Thomas, Tutor

Kandyss is a high school counselor and tutor who has helped more than 3,000 students flourish during her career. She worked with one student for four years to stay on

Specializes in: ACT: Verbal, Math, Science, SAT: Verbal, Math, and Elementary and High School students

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Katie Avagliano, Tutor

Katie is one of the strongest writing and verbal instructors within Collegewise. She is equally adept at the SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP English, and remedial writing instruction. With an

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, Subject Test, AP English, and remedial writing instruction

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Kevin Choi, Tutor

Kevin is available to work with students in the sciences and math (all levels) along with helping students obtain higher SAT and ACT scores as a math/science specialist. Kevin is

Specializes in: Science, Math, Study Skills, SAT, and ACT

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Kirsten Mattingly, Tutor

Kirsten is an experienced tutor who loves a good challenge. One of her former students was identified as gifted in math and science, but needed a safe place and access

Specializes in: Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, Calc, Stats, Economics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology

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Lena Gavenas, Tutor

Lena has worked with kids in a variety of different settings: as an advisor for Cal YMCA's Youth and Government, as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club, and

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP US Government

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Luis Riera, Tutor

Not only can Luis reach a 40-inch vertical jump, he can get students to leap into their studies. With grounded enthusiasm and degrees in mechanical and biomedical engineering from Rutgers,

Specializes in: ACT/SAT Math/Science, Physics, Spanish

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Masaru (Masa) Nakajima, Tutor

Masa enjoys sharing his love of Physics with one and all, and is an expert on the Math section of the SAT. Masa earned his Master of Science degree in

Specializes in: Physics, SAT Math

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Michael Cohen, Tutor

Michael spends his days in Philadelphia instructing at Temple University, where he earned his master's degree and continues his doctoral studies in Religion. At the undergraduate level, he studied History

Specializes in: SAT/ACT verbal and study skills

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Michal Goldstein, Tutor

Michal Goldstein moved to Austin, TX on August 1st, 2009 and taught his first SAT and GRE courses on August 2nd. Since then, Michal founded his own test preparation company,

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, English, Mathematics (through early pre-calculus), Hebrew, Psychology, and foundational French

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Nancy Ciabattari, Tutor

As a tutor, Nancy enjoys teaching to each individual student—each of her lessons meets a student’s specific needs. As resident bard, Nancy has published a literary study guide and is

Specializes in: SAT/ACT/GRE Verbal, Literature, Writing, Reading

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Nathaly Basto Camargo, Tutor

Nathaly has worked with more than 200 students in her career as a tutor. One of her success stories was a student who was discouraged by his ACT score—but after

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, ISEE/SSAT, PST, TOEFL, Writing, English literature, psychology

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Pam Lobley, Tutor

Shakespeare penned the words, “All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players.” Since Pam’s BFA from DePaul is in acting, she’s lived this aphorism more

Specializes in: SAT, ACT, Literature, Essay Writing, Grammar, and Study Skills

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Paul DiLena, Tutor

Paul has tutored students in all levels of math, French, economics, and computer science—from middle school and high school through college. He grew up in Wallonia (the French-speaking southern region

Specializes in: SAT/ACT math and science, all curriculum math, economics, statistics, computer science, French and Italian

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Philip Lillelund, Tutor

Philip worked with over 150 students as a middle school teacher and has privately tutored 25 high school students. He has a B.S. from the University of Southern California in

Specializes in: ACT, SAT, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Calculus AB/C, Statistics, Physics

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Praveen Satarasinghe, Tutor

While pursuing an MBA and an MD at UT-Austin, Praveen decided he had so much extra time on his hands that he wanted to help students as a tutor. Praveen

Specializes in: SAT/ACT and study skills

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Sabina Molander, Tutor

Sabina speaks, writes, reads, dreams, and cooks in Spanish. A native of Argentina, she graduated from Washington University with a M.S. in Social Work, and, as a native Spanish speaker,

Specializes in: SAT Subject Test/Spanish, Study Skills

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Shelbi Polk, Tutor

Shelbi is based in North Carolina where she is a freelance writer and lover of the French language—some of her training notes were transcribed in that tongue. She is a

Specializes in: ACT/SAT Verbal, French

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Sidd Prasad, Tutor

Sidd has worked with dozens of students and looks forward to helping kids with the ACT and SAT. Sidd plays the drums, piano, and can make a water droplet sound

Specializes in: SAT and ACT

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Stefanie Toye, Tutor

As the Director of Instruction (Test Prep & Curriculum), Stefanie truly understands the importance of helping students become more independent in their personal academic journeys. Prior to joining Collegewise, she

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Verbal and Math/Science, Writing, Study Skills, ISEE/SSAT

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Steve Hiel, Tutor

Steve’s specialty is helping students with the verbal portions of either the SAT or ACT—he’s scored in the 99th percentile on both. Steve was a double major in History and

Specializes in: SAT & ACT Verbal

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Tanner Rieve, Tutor

Tanner was our very first full-time SAT/ACT/Academic tutor. Tanner blazed this trail because he has this extraordinary ability to connect with students around almost any subject and his work ethic

Specializes in: SAT/ACT Verbal and Math/Science, GRE, SSAT/ISEE, Study Skills

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Walter Buhro, Tutor

Walter is a master of many trades: he practices martial arts, cooks, studies Japanese and German, and is a self-proclaimed early bird. In addition to his Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills, Walter

Specializes in: STEM, Physics, Environmental Science, English, SAT, and ACT

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