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For the last nine years, Joe has been advising families through the college process—whether it was via his leadership at Xavier High School in New York as the director of the college counseling program; his tenure as a guidance and college counselor at St. Peter’s Prep; or through his own private college counseling firm, JDK College Consulting. And Joe truly cares about giving his students a solid path to succeed: at Xavier, he was instrumental in rebuilding the college group guidance structure and curriculum and creating an intensive application summer program for rising seniors.

In addition to his experience with students in groups and one-on-one, Joe comes to Collegewise with a cache of impressive affiliations within the admissions and test prep worlds. He was recently the chair of the New York State ACT Council and is a current member of the New Jersey ACT Council; served as former chair and board member of the International College Options Organization; and is currently a member of both the New York State Association of Independent Schools as well as the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC).

And did we mention he’s a super-star in the rugby world? Yes, Joe was a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University, where he was inducted into the Saint Joseph’s University Rugby Hall of Fame (2013). When Joe is not taking on the world as “Super Counselor”, he is “Super Dad” at home, where he spends time with his wife and 2-year-old daughter.

Education & Experience

  • Former Director of College Counseling, Xavier High School
  • M.A., School Counseling, Seton Hall University
  • Guidance & College Counselor, St. Peter’s Preparatory School, Jersey City, NJ

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

Working with Joe was great. I liked having an impartial, experienced guide to help my son through the process. The entire experience was very well organized and that took a lot of the stress away. Joe is very well-versed in the many options for students today. Plus, he is a very good writer so his ability to critique my son's essays was extremely helpful. I recommend Joe without reservation!

Trish Fitzpatrick, Parent of Billy Fitzpatrick

UNC-Chapel Hill

Joe helped our daughter decide which schools she should apply to, and then kept her so organized and ahead of her deadlines. We are very grateful to Joe for shepherding us through this process so smoothly!

Arlene Hrinkevich, Parent of Meghan Hrinkevich


Joe simplified the process and was able to get the kids (__quadruplets__) organized and on a schedule so they could meet deadlines. As parents, we were received as "nagging" them to get started on their applications, essays, looking at colleges, etc. Joe started with them and they responded to his requests and demands without a fight. He put them on a schedule and gave them "homework," which they completed without complaint. They looked forward to meeting with him each week. I think the fact that he isn't a parent making demands on them really worked. It took so much stress out of the college application process for me. That alone is priceless!

Meg Oser, Parent of Molly, Elizabeth, Will, and Ed

Providence College (x2) & Marist College (x2)

The Collegewise philosophy helped everyone in our family keep a healthy perspective in the college selection process. Our older daughter was thoughtfully counseled to relax and enjoy the process, and our twin boys were patiently pushed to get things done.

Kathy Ursini, Parent of Angelo and Nicholas Ursini

Oregon State University and Auburn University

I absolutely loved my Collegewise experience. Knowing I had someone to help me stay on track and make sure I got everything done was always a huge relief, and I can't overstate the importance this played in my application process. I can't recommend Collegewise enough--the whole organization is so enthusiastic and helpful throughout the entire process, while remaining very human and personal.

Mila Escajadillo

Dartmouth College

The greatest thing Collegewise offered me during the college process was a schedule. Setting up meetings and creating deadlines outside of school helped me stay focus and prioritize my college work. It's one thing to have your parents or even school college counselor nag at you to finish your essays or complete research. However, having another person outside of school set goals and remind you to finish your work motivated me a lot more.

Talia Kee

Tufts University