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Collegewise tutoring helps students build a solid academic foundation and harness the right tools to become confident learners. Work one-on-one with tutors who love the subjects they teach or access small-group courses, all via Zoom. Our support doesn’t end when the video call does: between sessions, tutors assign crucial learning assignments and share important resources for making your student test-ready. You can schedule time with a tutor on an hourly basis or in packages starting at 10-hour blocks.

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Academic Tutoring

We provide targeted tutoring for every step of your student’s academic journey. We understand that each year of school can provide different challenges for your student, so our tutors specialize in teaching at all levels of instruction, including elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Our team can identify which skills are lacking and help build a strong foundation for future courses.

Study Skills/Homework Help

If homework causes fights in your household or you’re feeling anxious about your student procrastinating, we can help ease the stress and restore student confidence by teaching study skills and how to manage time. Our tutors have extensive experience with helping students with diagnosed learning disabilities. A Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) is also on staff.

Academic Bridge Program (Online Classroom)

For many students, the last marking period of the past academic year was one of interruption. Our academic bridge series ensures that students have mastered the topics needed to succeed in next year’s advanced placement and core courses. We will review areas where there might be gaps and focus the majority of time previewing the first 2-4 topics they’ll expect to see in the 2020-2021 academic year. AP courses will follow the College Board key content area reviews to help students excel on AP cumulative exams next spring. Our team has extensive experience with a range of core and AP classes including math, science, history, language, and English.

How to Succeed in High School (Online Classroom)

Our experts can help students of all abilities to become better learners and smarter studiers. This program will discuss active listening, note-taking, and critical thinking techniques. We will cover how to apply these skills to a variety of subjects—from math to English—and how to stay organized using technology. Students will complete self-assessment exercises about their learning styles, time management, and study habits to gauge how they learn best and where they may need to improve.

Assistive Technology

We offer instruction on learning how to use iPad apps and internet tools for writing, reading, and brainstorming. Our tutors can teach students to utilize their equipment effectively by leveraging cloud-based tools and organization apps to help them become more organized and engaged in school.

Enrichment Curriculum

Our tutors are, quite frankly, amazing people with fascinating pursuits and talents. (Beekeeping and playing professional trumpet, anyone?) If a student wants to explore areas of interest that schools generally do not cover, we offer enrichment subjects such as computer programming (including database creation and web design), European military history, Shakespeare, songwriting, science fiction, environmental science and organic farming, documentary filmmaking, and engineering. Ask us about any subject—we probably have a tutor who knows it!