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College readiness goes beyond just admissions. Students need a solid academic foundation, sharpened study skills and time management, and the right tools to become confident learners. Our tutoring program options work together seamlessly by leveraging expert advice and personalized study strategies—which is why Collegewise Academic Services (CAS) is so effective. Students can participate in one-on-one tutoring, small-group courses, and have access to classroom options that will ensure their success.

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Collegewise curriculum tutors don’t just “tutor.” We identify your child’s strengths, encourage academic curiosity, and improve critical thinking skills. We customize all curriculum lessons for each student so that the student succeeds in the classroom and learns the academic skills that will take him/her through college. Plus, we make study topics more fun! Tutors only teach the subjects they love and our students catch their enthusiasm.
A tutor’s understanding of the way a student thinks happens naturally over time, so we ensure that students see the same tutor each week, and that homework assignments are tailored to them. Collegewise also has a proud track record of helping students with diagnosed learning disabilities succeed in school.

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Elementary School

Elementary school years provide the foundation for all subsequent learning. Sometimes a student needs help learning how to learn, how to study, or how to progress academically. We have tutors who specialize in teaching and motivating younger students.

Middle School

The academic workload and degree of difficulty increase dramatically as students move from elementary to middle school. Our tutors are trained to help with this transition, as well as preparation for high-school-level work. Study skills coaching is frequently an especially important component of tutoring middle school students. Often students have missing skills that hinder their academic progress. Our tutors can identify which skills are lacking and help build a strong foundation.

High School

Our curriculum tutoring for high school students is designed to provide enrichment and/or remedial help. Collegewise tutors have specializations in every subject and level, through AP/IB. We can provide the academic safety net that even the most confident student needs once in a while. Our tutors’ enthusiasm for higher-level subjects motivates students to explore beyond the established curriculum.


Collegewise has tutors who can teach many college subjects—including tough subjects like organic chemistry, differential equations, calculus, 400-level literature and history courses, and engineering. Former students have even been known to send in their first college writing assignment to make sure it is good enough to turn into the professor.

Enrichment Curriculum

Our tutors are quite frankly amazing people with fascinating pursuits and talents. (Beekeeping and playing professional trumpet, anyone?) If a student wants to explore areas of interest that schools generally do not cover, here are just some of the enrichment subjects our tutors can cover: computer programming (including database creation and web design); European military history; Shakespeare; songwriting; science fiction; environmental science and organic farming; documentary filmmaking; and engineering. Ask us about any subject—we probably have a tutor who knows it!

Study Skills/Organizational Help

If homework causes fights in your household or your student procrastinating is making you anxious, we can help take the stress away and restore student confidence by teaching him/her study skills and how to manage time/organize. Our tutors have extensive experience with helping students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) is also on staff.

Assistive Technology

We offer help in learning how to use iPad apps and Internet tools for writing, reading, and brainstorming. Our tutors can teach students to utilize their equipment effectively by leveraging cloud-based tools and organization apps to help him/her become more organized and engaged in school.