Academic Tutoring, Standardized Test Prep & Success Skills

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AP & Academic Tutoring
  • Targeted 1:1 tutoring sessions in Math, Engineering, English, Calculus, Spanish, Statistics, and more.

  • Tailored instruction to any curriculum by our expert tutors.

  • Customized lesson plans and homework assignments.

ACT & SAT Test Prep
  • Offered as personalized 1:1 sessions or group courses.

  • Our tutors are equipped to work with students on almost any standardized test, including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, PreACT, and ISEE/SSAT.

Success Skills
  • Students will develop hard and soft skills, including time management, critical thinking and executive functioning (EF), communication, and more.
  • Appropriate for middle and high school students who want to implement skills immediately into their school work.
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Collegewise Leadership Academy
  • Students will have assignments and self-directed weekly goals between sessions to ensure steady progress towards a passion project.
  • Self-discovery exercises, leadership skills and research tools will set students up for high school, college and beyond.

Our Programs

Collegewise's renowned services offer students flexible tutoring options, personalized support, and dedicated instructors - online and on your time!


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Student Spotlight

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"The ACT is not for the faint of heart. Without my tutors, I wouldn’t have done half as well."


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Free SAT or ACT Practice Exam

For $0, students can take an online practice exam to prepare them for the real thing. We can then draw up a test prep recommendation comparing those scores. In addition to results from their tests and a recommendation for test preparation, we will provide a free 20-minute consultation to discuss a potential tutoring program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We may be tutors, but many of us are parents first, and sometimes you have to ask a few additional qualifying questions before making the right choice. 

Does Collegewise offer in-person tutoring?

Yes! Along with our online sessions, Collegewise offers in-person tutoring at our office locations in Bernardsville & Berkeley Heights/NJ, Austin/TX, and Newport Beach/CA.

Collegewise has developed a robust learning experience for our remote students that provides the same feel and personalization as our on-site tutoring but from the comfort of your home.

What grades does Collegewise support?

Collegewise supports students from grades 7 to 12. Tutors also support college students studying for the GRE and LSAT.

How are tutoring sessions conducted?

Tutoring sessions are offered as one-on-one sessions, small group courses (3-10 per class), and mini 90-minute lessons for students with busy schedules. 


What is the hiring process for Collegewise tutors?

Our tutors undergo a two-series interview before putting their knowledge to the test. Each applicant is required to test for the ACT and SAT to determine if they score in the 95th percentile or higher. Selected candidates go through an in-depth training process before working with students.


Are Collegewise tutors experienced in working with students with learning disabilities?

Our tutors have extensive experience supporting students with diagnosed learning disabilities. 


Meet Your Potential Tutor

Collegewise tutors are thoroughly vetted and trained to maximize the student’s learning experience. With 25+ tutors on our roster, you're bound to find the right educator who meets your learning style.


Why Pick Collegewise for Tutoring & Test Prep?

Testing, Read All About It

What’s so great about Collegewise’s Tutoring & Test Prep?
What’s so great about Collegewise’s Tutoring & Test Prep?
  • During calls, presentations, and discussions with our families, we are often asked, “Why should I book tutoring and/or test preparation for the ACT/SAT with Collegewise? Collegewise Tutoring & Test Prep is unique from other tutoring/test prep places for many reasons. As 19th century poet Elizabeth


How Many People Get a Perfect Score on the SAT?
How Many People Get a Perfect Score on the SAT?
  • What is the scoring scale of the SAT? The SAT’s composite scoring range is from 400 to 1600. The total range is split evenly between the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section (200 – 800 Points) and the Mathematics section (200 – 800 Points).


When to Test & How to Send Your ACT Score to Colleges
When to Test & How to Send Your ACT Score to Colleges
  • Choosing Your ACT Test Date If you’re wondering, “How do I choose an ACT test date?”, you’re in the right place. When you test will depend on a few factors: when the test dates themselves fall, when you have availability to test, and when you’ll be ready based on your academic background. Given


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