Collegewise in 3 Words:

Reviews from Collegewise Parents

Jannet, Parent of Jameson
  • "From the very beginning, our counselor made everything so simple and easy to understand. From helping identify schools all the way to acceptances, it was so non-stressful. I don't think we would have completed everything without help. We realized that while everyone else was so stressed around trying to figure out where to apply, when to apply, and how to apply, we had everything planned out with our counselor. The best time and money spent to help our kid make the right decision for his future."

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Class of 2024

Alan, Parent of Holden
  • "Our experience with Collegewise was amazing! Our counselor was supportive, encouraging, and honest. He was responsive and caring. We were very fortunate that our son was accepted Early Decision to his first choice, but we know admissions can be an unpredictable process. My comments would be the same if he was attending his 5th choice. Thanks, Collegewise!"

  • Cornell University, Class of 2025

Sam, Parent of Emery
  • "Collegewise's guidance and support helped us through what could’ve easily been a nightmare college application process. She made the experience very positive for our family. Her intuition, calm demeanor, and quiet direction turned everything around. Her message to Emery was consistent and unwavering: trust yourself. Our counselor led gently, but supported fiercely, and I had the pleasure of watching my daughter forge a unique path that feels just right for her. She gave the gift of pride and excitement to my daughter, and that's priceless."

  • The University of Alabama, Class of 2025

Hope, Parent of Alice
  • "Our counselor made the college application process easier than I ever could have imagined! She’s extremely knowledgeable and broke everything into clear, doable chunks, making for a smooth and easy process for my daughter. She covered the testing schedule, school choices, essay brainstorming, and application submissions. The biggest bonus for me was having a third party whom my daughter respected manage the process. Her knowledge is so impressive, I didn’t have to battle with my teenager at all. Collegewise made the journey seamless and allowed us to celebrate the milestones and victories. We cannot thank our counselor enough for all of her help—we appreciate it immensely!"

  • Loyola Marymount University, Class of 2025

Eve, Parent of Noah
  • "I don't have adequate words to express my sincere gratitude for Collegewise's help over these past few years. The results are outstanding, and my son is so proud of himself that he was accepted into his absolute top choice schools. I would also be remiss, however, to omit that my son felt great pride in acceptances to schools that were a bit lower on his list and that he was not disheartened by wait-list acceptances, nor even by the rejection that he received. That my son was capable of having this outlook during an inherently stressful process—of feeling true enthusiasm for his second and third choice schools while he waited to hear from his top choice—is also a testament to our counselor's excellent counseling."

  • Brown University, Class of 2025

Mark, Parent of Adam
  • "We are thrilled with our counselor: her enthusiasm and happiness are contagious; she helped Adam's decision process evolve from "somewhat all over the map", to a tighter list of schools, to The Final Two, and onto The Big Selection; she calmed and guided Adam's parents (us!) through the journey; and most of all, she made what many of our friends told us was an incredibly stressful process into a stress-free journey, and at the end, Adam had several great school acceptances from which to choose. Collegewise was so good, we signed up with her for our next child, our sophomore daughter."

  • George Washington University, Class of 2024

Caleb's Collegewise Experience

"Of all the lab reports I have written in high school, I have never found an initial hypothesis to be more insufficient than my assumption about the Collegewise process.

At first, I was honestly skeptical about how effective it would be. I knew that my counselor would help me polish essays, build a complete application, and, most importantly, keep me on schedule. As it turns out, Collegewise did that and so much more.

Spending the first several meetings doing research, my counselor helped me find the ideal schools for me. Then when starting the application process, my counselor showed me subtle tricks and methods to improve my application. Her vast knowledge of the college admissions process undoubtedly helped me put the best possible application forward, admitting me into my top choice school!"

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2024

Reviews from Collegewise Students

  • "I thought that my time with my counselor was extremely helpful especially in that I had to somehow balance applying to 18 colleges with school and sports. Having a schedule with due dates was pretty much necessary for me to finish everything about 3 weeks ahead of time. On top of that I thought that her help with my essays was really what set me apart in my application especially since some of my first drafts were garbage but then they ended up pretty good."

  • University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2024

  • "I have really enjoyed my Collegewise experience. I am very quiet at first and it takes time for me to warm up to people. My Collegewise counselor was very easy for me to work with and she MADE SURE I was on top of my assignments and deadlines. I needed a lot of structure and patience during this process, and she was excellent. I am also not the strongest essay writer and I have trouble coming up with ideas to write about. She helped brainstorm different ideas with me over many meetings and I felt very comfortable sharing personal stories with her. Overall, I loved my experience at Collegewise and I do not think I could have come this far without my counselor!"

  • Boston College, Class of 2025

  • "My experience with Collegewise was crucial to my college process. Without the support of my counselor, I would not have been able to organize my work and figure out the perfect strategies to help me tackle it. Even when I was procrastinating, she supported me and assured me that everything was going to be fine. Other than helping with the work aspect, what may have been most important to me was the positive state of mind she inspired in me."

  • Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2024

  • My counselor was an immensely thoughtful and considerate guide for me throughout the daunting college admissions process. Whenever I had a question, concern, or second-thought, it would always be addressed promptly and thoughtfully. I am sure that without the help I received from Collegewise that I would not be attending my dream school in the fall, and I am so grateful for the care he showed both to myself and to my work. Collegewise has given me a gift I can never repay, the freedom of choice and happiness -- of making a decision!

  • Stanford, Class of 2024

  • "I had such a fantastic experience with Collegewise. It was such an individualized college admissions experience, so I really felt like this was my journey and my thoughts and opinions mattered. At times, my counselor knew me better than I knew myself, pointing out strengths that I hadn't even considered before. The Collegewise experience was positivity based. I never felt unheard or not good enough for a college. Without my counselor's encouragement I never would have applied to my perfect fit school. She and her resources helped me create a college portfolio and personal statement that truly felt authentic. I was always ahead on due dates and, unlike my friends, never had those stressful late nights trying to submit before a due date."

  • Grinnell College, Class of 2025

  • "I could not have asked for a better college application process than the one I received with Collegewise. Everyone that I worked with was very knowledgeable and I never had a question go unanswered. A big part of what I loved about Collegewise was the ability to get to know my counselor on a personal level. This really helped with finding colleges that were right for me and understanding where I was coming from if I had difficulties wording my thoughts when it came to writing essays. Overall, I felt truly supported and was able to develop 12 amazing applications, without a single one receiving a rejection. I in no way could have done it without Collegewise!"

  • Syracuse, Class of 2024

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