Meet David!

Meet David!

counselor profile
counselor profile

David Pellet, College Counselor

Serving as the primary onboarding and compliance officer for PharmD clinical experiences and rotations at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, David understands the importance of meeting deadlines, maintaining internal program compliance, and meeting thresholds for external program clearance; supporting students as they obtain educational goals and aspirations.

Before UW and Collegewise, David served as a student worker in the Admission Office of Colorado College before graduating in 2012 where he then went on to serve as the primary Colorado College Admission Counselor for recruitment in Alaska, Washington state, Oregon, part of Northern California and the international territories of Canada and Latin America. After traversing the longitudes of the western hemisphere for another 4 years, David relocated to Seattle - working first for a couple years outside higher education with WeWork and then as a Director of Enrollment Management for a Chilean exchange semester high school.

David experienced first-hand the incredible opportunities and communities that a best-fit college can open doors to. Having dove head-on into the college search process and finding an awesome fit for himself, he works to emulate this rewarding experience and is excited to support others find ​these in their own personal college search​es, now as a Collegewise counselor.

Experience & Education

University of Washington School of Pharmacy - Office of Professional Pharmacy Education

Former Director of Enrollment, Alzar School

Former Community Lead of Operations, WeWork

Former College Admission Counselor, Colorado College

B.A. International Political Economy, Colorado College

IES Barcelona Semester Abroad

Professional Organization Memberships

NACAC: National Association of College Admission Counseling

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