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Davin is no stranger to the world of college admissions, having spent ten years reading thousands of applications as the Senior Associate Director of Admissions at the University of Rochester. For six years of his tenure at Rochester, Davin worked as a regional admissions counselor based out of New York City. His inside knowledge of both the college admissions process and the pressures and opportunities unique to students who attend high school in the New York Metro Area make him the perfect person to expertly guide high school students through the process of finding and applying to the right colleges.

Although Davin’s idea of fun does include hosting “The Crush,” a podcast about college and college admissions, his history as a campaign manager in a few local Rochester, NY elections keeps his attention focused on the political scene. When he’s not trying to convince his five-year-old daughter that the outfit she’s currently wearing is, in fact, perfectly fine for today, Davin likes to cheer on his USC Trojans and hometown Portland Trailblazers.

Education & Experience

  • B.A. Cinema-Television Critical Studies, USC
  • M.A. in Public Administration, NYU
  • Former Senior Associate Director of Admissions, University of Rochester
  • Host of "The Crush," a podcast about college admissions

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

Davin was an immense help and a friend during the college application process. Regular college applications are hard enough, but I went through the rigorous process of applying to West Point and applying to regular colleges (as well as ROTC for all of them) as backups. Davin went above-and-beyond when I needed help: he gave me valuable insight when I made contact with the colleges and reviewed my essays—whether I ended up using them or not. I was especially grateful to Davin for the mock interview he held with some colleagues to prepare me for the interview panels I was required to address to secure a nomination. It was very realistic—and even somewhat intimidating—maybe even more so than the actual interviews!

Michael Centanni

U.S. Military Academy West Point

Our son, Michael, was daunted by the extensive application requirements to apply to West Point, his top choice school, but Davin was fantastic! He broke it down into manageable steps and supported our son through the whole process. He even set up an in-person, mock interview to prepare Michael for his upcoming interviews with senators and congressmen. Davin also played an important role in guiding Michael through his essays—all of which were very impressive. Having Davin to help manage the process relieved so much stress in our house. It was still a big challenge for Michael, but ultimately, he grew so much through the experience. I didn’t have to constantly ask him if things were getting done because I knew Davin was keeping tabs on his progress. Michael’s confidence skyrocketed as he finished each big hurdle. I would do it again in a heartbeat, worth every penny!

Sheryl Centanni, Parent of Michael Centanni

U.S. Military Academy West Point

Our daughter needed help preparing for the interviews required for entrance to the Naval Academy. Collegewise jumped to the rescue on short notice. With Davin’s guidance, we set up an interview panel and he took it from there. Davin provided all of the instructions and interview questions and guided the panel on the process. He met with our daughter, discussed her goals, and offered great information that helped her get a very clear picture of what to expect, and, more importantly, what would be expected of her. We would have never pulled this off without Davin’s help. The results? Lifelong skills for starters, and she walked into the interviews prepared, calm (with a healthy edge of nerves), and confident. Thank you, Davin and Collegewise!

Rebecca Nachtrieb, Parent of Kaitlin Nachtrieb

U.S. Naval Academy, USNA

The college application process is confusing and tedious, and Collegewise really helped with that process. It was reassuring to go over my application with my counselor so that we could make sure that I had a better chance of getting in!

Kyra Neff

Villanova University

I went into the college application process not knowing anything at all, and Collegewise helped me in a way that I was still able to do everything myself, but the process was not stressful or confusing at all. Collegewise guided me with deadlines that worked with my own schedule so I could get everything done on time.

Skyler Gregerson


The entire Collegewise team took all the immense pressure off the college application process. From the methods they use to narrow down the college search to the advice and hand-holding, they really allowed us to enjoy helping our son get into his dream school. I cannot say one negative thing about Collegewise!

Gail Gray, Parent of Conner Gray

Texas Christian University