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Jordan Kanarek



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Jordan has the distinction of being the first former Collegewise student to later join our ranks as a counselor, a goal he set for himself soon after setting foot on campus at his dream school, Gettysburg College. After leaving his teen years behind and becoming a fully-fledged adult, Jordan completed a stint in the Gettysburg admissions office and later joined The Princeton Review’s Washington, D.C. office, where he directed the private tutoring division, growing it to over 1 million dollars in revenue in 2014. There, he also recruited and trained faculty, delivered more than 30 speeches annually at local high schools on the subject of college admissions and testing, and simultaneously worked to complete his college admissions certification from UCLA.

An avid chef, rabid soccer fan, and voracious consumer of college admissions information, we thought Jordan expressed his motivation best when he wrote in his cover letter, “Collegewise helped me find the right college fit. I hope to have the privilege and opportunity to do the same for our next generation.”

Education & Experience

  • Director of Private Tutoring, The Princeton Review of Washington, D.C., 2013-2015
  • Certificate in College Counseling, UCLA
  • Certificate in College Counseling, Columbia University
  • Invited Speaker, Johns Hopkins Pathway to College and Summer Discovery
  • Director of Operations, Curio Partnership

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

Without Jordan, I would not have known left from right with all of the varying steps that need to be completed in finding your dream school. Through Jordan’s caring approach, he was able to extract my intended message from occasionally flawed writing, enabling me to express a better version of myself to schools.

Jakob Hegewisch-Allen

Tulane University

Jordan combines great knowledge and enthusiasm. This combo helped motivate our daughter while providing her excellent guidance. The results speak for themselves. While much of the credit goes to our daughter, Jordan was a huge contributor. She applied to 13 schools and was accepted to 11. We highly recommend Jordan.

Terry Bernstein, Parent of Juli Bernstein

University of Georgia

I was lucky enough to work with Jordan Kanarek during my college application process. After months of amazing counseling, the impossible was made possible and I was admitted to all of my top three choices. Jordan and Collegewise were very thorough, organized, and immensely encouraging throughout the entire process.

James Beasley


Jordan remained a constant companion and CHAMPION for our daughter throughout her college applications, essays, and commitment to college. Jordan excelled in making both the nervous parents and our daughter feel at ease with the enormous amount of work, time, and effort needed to find, choose, and apply to college.

Valarie Bernstein, Parent of Julianne Bernstein

University of Georgia

With Jordan and Collegewise, I’m assured that my daughter has a good path to select a college and to fulfill her ambition. I’m also confident that I have a counselor and an organization helping me make the right decisions. I’m especially grateful for Jordan and his enthusiasm.

Pierre Ghanem, Parent of Alia S. Ghanem

Baylor University

For a European family ignorant of and intimidated by the college application process, Jordan provided indispensable illumination and advice, resulting in our son’s successful admission to the top-tier college of his choice.

Michael Allen, Parent of Jakob Hegewisch-Allen

Tulane University