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Judy Lee

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Judy’s career in admissions began at her alma mater, Yale, where she worked as Assistant Director of Admissions and reviewed applications from seven states. She later earned her master’s degree at Stanford’s School of Education, where she also took courses at the Graduate School of Business. Throughout her career, Judy has held various posts in education, from a stint as Principal Analyst at the UC Office of the President to her more recent position as a college counselor and essay coach. Judy also enjoyed helping her own sons successfully navigate the admissions and athletic recruiting processes. Working with Judy means partnering with a true admissions expert; her years working in admissions and university administration give her a depth of knowledge that allows her to manage the application process with ease and clarity.

When she’s not expertly advising students on all things college admissions, you can find Judy busting a move at her hip hop class (though she’ll be the first to tell you that she’s intermediate at best) and testing out her foreign language chops (she’s a native Cantonese speaker and has studied Spanish, French and German). Judy is also an expert traveler, having been born in Hong Kong and raised in NYC’s Chinatown. She later lived in San Francisco and New Haven before settling down in a small town in Connecticut.

Education & Experience

  • Former Assistant Director of Admissions, Yale University
  • M.A. in Administration and Policy Analysis, Stanford University
  • Former Principal Analyst, UC Office of the President, Student Academic Services

Professional Organization Memberships

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

No matter what the time of day, Collegewise was always available for application “emergencies” or last-minute edits on essays and supplements. With Collegewise’s help, I got into 11 out of the 12 schools I applied to, including my dream school, USC!

Naomi Hyman


Going to my meetings at Collegewise never felt like a chore, but more as something to look forward to! Everyone in the office is so friendly, willing to help, and made for such great motivators and supporters when it came time to fill in apps and write essays. 10/10!

Emily Fletcher

Boston University

There is no way I would have been able to get through the college application process without Collegewise. Collegewise helped me find my first choice school (that I didn’t really know much about at first), write an amazing essay that was reflective of me, and kept me on top of all my to-do lists.

Jack Morgan

Colby College

While working with Collegewise, the stress of college applications just melted away! Although the writing and research took some time, it was absolutely worth it because, in the end, I knew I had sent in the best application I could and the college I picked would be the perfect fit for me!

Elyssa Shoup

Guilford College

I don’t know how I would have gone through this process without Collegewise! Collegewise gave me such realistic advice when choosing colleges. I LOVE COLLEGEWISE!

Madeline Ong

UC Davis

Collegewise provided me with a better understanding of the college application and decision process than I thought possible. Collegewise’s guidance throughout the process allowed me to really figure out what I was looking for in a college, while also maximizing my options.

Issabelle Hayden

Santa Clara University