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Kim Haselhoff

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If there ever existed a wise, Zen-like guide to educational options in-and-around Los Angeles—it is Kim. Through her dedicated, ongoing leadership in her community and her study of education research and policy, she has helped area parents and families navigate the often confusing and challenging landscape of school choices. Whether through her work as the Executive Director of the Parents Education League, as co-founder of the LA Kindergarten class, or as a grant writer, Kim’s calm leadership prevails.

And there is no question that Kim has a passion for learning: she was a post-doctoral researcher at UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies; she’s taught at UC-Irvine while pursuing her Ph.D.—where she received a grant from the John Randolph Haynes Foundation for a report on immigration; and graduated from UCLA magna cum laude with her B.A. in History.

She is also a long-time volunteer for her own children’s schools: as a member of the parent board, field trip coordinator, outreach point-person, and fundraiser. In her free time (?!), she enjoys attending her kids’ sporting events, hiking with her dog Kayla, and, of course, yoga.

Education & Experience

  • Executive Director, Parents Education League
  • UCLA College Counseling Certification Program
  • Ph.D., Political Science, UC-Irvine
  • M.A., Social Science, UC-Irvine

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

My dream school was always USC, and although I knew it was a long shot, I was set on getting in. Collegewise not only helped me get through the complicated application process but assisted with planning my class schedule and refining my essays. My counselor encouraged me to think carefully about what makes me unique, which helped me highlight my strengths in my application—ultimately resulting in my acceptance to USC!

Natalia Smith


Using Collegewise was one of the smartest decisions we made regarding our son's academic future. Collegewise gave him a wider perspective on colleges and the choices he would need to make about his future. The essay writing support at Collegewise was key to keeping peace in our household. Because of the trust we built with his counselor, it was easy to step back and let our son write his essays, knowing that the support staff would be there for him. We also appreciate the excitement that his counselor created as our son completed his applications and then again as he received his acceptance letters. We will continue to share our fabulous Collegewise experience with friends and family!

Connie Smith, Parent of Grant Smith

University of San Francisco

Collegewise was such a helpful tool for me throughout my college application process. My counselor was extremely helpful throughout the entire endeavor and was there every step of the way…they were quick to respond to my questions via email and thoroughly reviewed my work. I recommend Collegewise to anyone and everyone who is interested in getting into the college of their dreams. My experience was nothing short of amazing, and I would love if more people had the same experience I had!

Ben Hallock

Stanford University

Collegewise was a lifesaver for our family. Within 30 minutes, my son’s counselor got more out of him about his interests and college preferences than I had gotten in years. She was friendly, open, knowledgeable and articulate, and very thoughtfully explained all the program options that were right for our son…after reading more about Collegewise, moved forward on the whole package. My son and his counselor worked hard and came up with twelve schools to which to apply, and he was accepted at nine of them, including at least two of his top choices! Our counselor delivered honest information and great outcomes!

Natalie Webb, Parent of Camden Webb

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

My counselor was smart, fun, and easy to work with. She was knowledgeable and resourceful, and genuinely cared. She made the stressful college application process easy and manageable, and always knew exactly how to make my application stand out.

Mason Mitzner

Mason Mitzner Santa Clara University

Thanks to Collegewise, our son was accepted in most of the colleges he applied to (12 out of 15!) including his top choice. Their advice considerably facilitated the very time-consuming steps of the process, and, as parents, we were totally reassured to know he was in good hands. Thanks again to his counselor and Collegewise team for the helpful recommendations!

Nadia Murano, Parent of Romain Nourry