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Kristin Sullivan

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Harvard? Check. Princeton? Check. Duke? Check. There’s no question that Kristin knows her way around admissions to the top schools in the country—just pick any of them, and she’s probably helped a student get accepted there. And although she has an extensive background working to help her students reach the “highest-of-the-high” goals, she balances it seamlessly with a thoughtful approach: Kristin truly believes in getting to know her students and families to help them find their best-fit college or university.

Prior to Collegewise, Kristin served as a college counselor and director at a prominent private college-prep school in Arizona, where she helped 500+ students find their path and meet their educational goals. Over the last 15 years, she has met with admissions representatives from hundreds of colleges, and has visited 100+ campuses across the U.S. In addition, as an independent counselor, she developed and implemented relevant and helpful college essay writing and application workshops.

Education & Experience

  • 15 years' counseling experience
  • B. A., Psychology, University of Michigan
  • M.A., Counseling, Michigan State University

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

Kristin was extremely encouraging and supportive of me and kept me going and working hard during one of the toughest and mostimportant phases of my life. I really enjoyed working with her and would definitely say that she played an important part in getting me to where I am today. I’d really recommend Kristin to everyone who wants to achieve their dream school target!

Swetha Rajagopalan

Georgia Tech

I'll admit it, I was a little cranky and panicky going into the whole application process. I'd probably picked the worst possible window to start my applications, stuck in the middle of revision hell for the Singapore A Level exams (a grueling,two-month affair) with only three months untilthe completed applications were due. All I had was a half-completed Common App essay. I had no idea which universities I was going to apply for, let alone the kind of essays I would write. However, Kristin was a joy to work with, always going out of her way to provide more guidance and more assistance. During the A Levels proper, I did not have very much time to meet her, and with the deadlines closing in, she didn't have a lot of time to go through my essays, which were hastily written andoften submitted at erratic intervals. Kristin, nevertheless, found various means for us to communicate, and always made sure to promptly provide her inputon my drafts no matter how busy she was!

Chavez Cheong Yi Wei

Duke University

Kristin really helped make my college application experience a lot more manageable! From the application to eventually deciding where to go, Kristin helped me in every step—in choosingwhere to apply, reviewing my essays, filling in my extra-curriculars,and weighing my options. Having weekly consultations with her gave me a confidence boost and more clarity in what I wanted out of a university education. On a personal level, Kristin was extremely caring (much like a mother!), always going out of herway to get to know her studentsbetter.

Wu Lingxin


To date, applying to college was one of the most daunting experiences that I have experienced(even after mandatory military service), but now I can safely say that the college application process was positive. The application is the first step on your educational journey and life's road, which will inevitably be filled with ups and downs. Kristin and Collegewise mentors guided me through the fog of uncertainty...and I would like to thank them for getting me through the tough times. Their guidance was tough but necessary for a successful college application, and I have been blessed with their advice and mentorship. Choosing the right education path is crucial to any student, and I would advise parents and studentsto work with Collegewise!

Kian Han Ong

Indiana University-Bloomington

I’m very happy that I chose Collegewise. They’re experts when it comes to U.S. college admissions...my daughter wasable to choose her dream college because of the advice and guidance she received from Kristin.

KC Chang, Parent of WL Chang

Cal Lutheran

Kristin was very friendly and went beyond her means to help me! She had a great personality!

Neha Ranade

University College London