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Matt Musico

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Matt’s career in admissions began at his alma mater, Sacred Heart University, where he spent four years as Associate Director of Admissions. In his time behind the admissions desk, Matt read over 4,000 applications and met with thousands of students, giving him the insight necessary to expertly advise students on how to leave a lasting impression in their college applications and essays. As a seasoned sports writer—he’s been penning articles for news outlets like Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports for seven years—Matt is one of our resident wordsmiths and excels at helping each of his students find their unique voice and craft their stories into truly unforgettable essays. He’s also very familiar with the New York and Connecticut school systems, having spent his four years in admissions visiting high schools in the tri-state area and learning about the unique opportunities and pressures that high school students face in those schools.

When he’s not expertly advising his students, you’ll find Matt spending time with his wife and toddler (or sneaking in a quick run when his son is asleep).

Education & Experience

  • Former Associate Director of Admissions, Sacred Heart University
  • M.S. in Sports Management
  • Specializes in athletic recruiting

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I had a wonderful experience with Collegewise! Collegewise made the college application process so much less stressful, and thanks to their help, I know I will be attending the school that’s right for me next year!

Megan LeGresley


I absolutely loved Collegewise! They were extremely helpful, and I felt really good about my application. I would have never known where or how to apply without Collegewise. They made the application process much easier to understand. It was a fantastic decision to go with Collegewise!

Sean Mahoney

University of Washington

I’m thrilled with the options Juliana has for college now. She was accepted by almost all the universities she applied to. It was a good problem to have to pick one of the acceptances. I’m really glad that I had Collegewise to help us out–it was sure worth it, and I recommend Collegewise to all my friends.

Marcelo DeSouza, Parent of Juliana DeSouza

DePaul University

Collegewise was incredibly helpful! I appreciate this program so much and do not think I could have made it through senior year without it! Every senior should use this program because it's absolutely amazing!

Micah Golomb-Leavitt

Lehigh University

I was very pleased with Ryan’s experience. It took so much pressure off of me, and made Ryan responsible and accountable throughout the application process. Collegewise’s knowledge base of schools, their applications and stats was very helpful.

Michele Miller, Parent of Ryan Miller

Gonzaga University

Lewis got into ALL ten colleges he applied to! I can’t recommend this service highly enough! There is nothing like that one-on-one relationship. It was totally worth every penny!

Cheryl Klauss, Parent of Lewis Jensen

The University of Vermont