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Matt Musico

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Matt’s career in admissions began at his alma mater, Sacred Heart University, where he spent four years as Associate Director of Admissions. In his time behind the admissions desk, Matt read over 4,000 applications and met with thousands of students, giving him the insight necessary to expertly advise students on how to leave a lasting impression in their college applications and essays. As a seasoned sports writer—he’s been penning articles for news outlets like Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports for seven years—Matt is one of our resident wordsmiths and excels at helping each of his students find their unique voice and craft their stories into truly unforgettable essays. He’s also very familiar with the New York and Connecticut school systems, having spent his four years in admissions visiting high schools in the tri-state area and learning about the unique opportunities and pressures that high school students face in those schools.

When he’s not expertly advising his students, you’ll find Matt spending time with his wife and toddler (or sneaking in a quick run when his son is asleep).

Education & Experience

  • Former Associate Director of Admissions, Sacred Heart University
  • M.S. in Sports Management
  • Specializes in athletic recruiting

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

I definitely needed Collegewise to help me out with all the stress of senior year and applying to schools. While junior year was crazy, senior year is an emotional whirlwind. I am happy that I got into Drexel, my top choice, and applied for many scholarships! For the next grades, be realistic when picking schools and think about what matters most to you!

Sarah Rose

Drexel University

Having previously worked in college admissions, Matt Musico was an invaluable mentor to me and made the college process feel less daunting. Every time I walked into his office, Matt was always smiling. He went beyond his job description by investing himself not only in the process, but also in the student. He listened to me talk about my crazy water polo practice or general teenage worries, which can be hard considering how chatty I can be. But by getting to know me, he brought out my strengths and helped me focus on the things that stood out on my application instead of comparing myself to others. Every time I was flustered, Matt would send me the exact words that I needed to hear. He knew how to help me relax and take a deep breath. I trust his knowledge and was excited to share both the good and bad news with him. It was a pleasure to get to know such a kind, helpful, and reassuring counselor. Thank you, Matt!

Claudia Marmelo

Connecticut College

Both my son and I were very satisfied (actually, MUCH MORE than satisfied) with Collegewise and MOST SPECIFICALLY with Matt and his help during this stressful process. Matt provided great insight and guidance and was ALWAYS responsive and encouraging—GREAT experience! Thanks so much to Matt! I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Collegewise, particularly if all your counselors are as good as Matt.

Leif Carlson, Parent of Leif Theodore Carlson

University of Oregon

Matt was extremely helpful and patient with our daughter and her college application process. Would highly recommend!

Roy Marmelo, Parent of Claudia Marmelo

Connecticut College

I loved working with Collegewise to prepare for college. The support with every step of the process was so helpful.

Hadas Niv

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Lewis got into ALL ten colleges he applied to! I can’t recommend this service highly enough! There is nothing like that one-on-one relationship. It was totally worth every penny!

Cheryl Klauss, Parent of Lewis Jensen

The University of Vermont