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Monica Brown

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Monica earned a degree in English at Stanford University and a master’s in education from Harvard. In her seven-year admissions career—three years at Wellesley College followed by four years as a senior admissions and financial aid officer at Harvard—Monica has read over 5,000 applications and also served as the director of the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative. As a senior voting member of the admissions committee at Harvard, she was also involved in determining the admissions status of hundreds of international applicants. Since becoming a counselor at Collegewise in 2013, Monica has guided students to admission at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Cornell, University of Chicago, Washington University in St. Louis, Rice, and many other selective schools. Originally from Texas, Monica now calls Austin, Texas home where she is flourishing in her role as a mom to daughter, Lulu.

Education & Experience

  • B.A., Stanford University
  • M.Ed., Harvard University
  • Former Senior Admissions Officer, Harvard University
  • Former Assistant Director of Admission, Wellesley College

Professional Organization Memberships

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

I’m truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with an advisor like Monica! From my experience, she is more than a college counselor. She allowed me to develop as a person by helping me find myself and my niche in the professional world.

Aria K.

Vanderbilt University

Ms. Brown was very helpful in the college application process and guided me through all the parts. She suggested colleges that were appealing and ensured that I was able to complete all of the applications in a timely manner. I cannot think of anyone better to have guided me through this very important time of my life!

Ishan Sahoo

Brown University

Monica turned such a stressful process into something enjoyable. I really don’t believe I could have made it through my senior year without her. I always hand out Monica’s contact information to people looking for an adviser because I want everyone to have the experience I did.

Haleigh Stark

Northwestern University

Monica was so helpful in this process. From advice, to essay brainstorming, to editing, she helped me with every part of this journey and I couldn’t have done it myself. All her help and insight was really valuable and it was exactly what I needed since my parents were just as clueless as I was in this whole process.

Demre Inanoglu

University of Chicago

My Collegewise experience through Monica is one that I am truly grateful for. Her years of experience as an admissions counselor in some of the nation’s elite schools really showed in the advice that she offered me. I could connect more with what I was writing because I knew I was being mentored by one of the best.

Jeff Cott

Harvard University

Ms. Brown was enormously helpful throughout the college application process. She was always ready with editing advice and essay tips that helped me make myself more attractive to the admissions board. It was really comforting to have a trusted source approve my writing before I sent it in.

Shireen Roy

Yale University