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Nikayla Loy

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Nikayla Loy is an extraordinary presence with the innate ability to instantly connect with absolutely everyone she meets. Before joining Collegewise, Nikayla enjoyed five years as an admissions officer at Drexel University, where she seemingly did all of the jobs. Evaluate thousands of applications – done. Travel throughout the year to promote her university – check. Supervise the student ambassadors – yup. Align the internal and external recruitment efforts of Drexel’s School of Biomedical Engineering (just try to say that five times fast!) and serve as the NCAA DI athletics-admissions liaison—check. She also earned her master’s degree in higher education leadership and management. We have no idea how this next item could be true, but Nikayla swears that she was still able to get eight hours of sleep every night.

While Nikayla is technically a Pennsylvania native, her love for the Jersey Shore (not the TV show, the actual shore) and the fact that she owns a boat make her quintessentially New Jersey. When she’s not working, Nikayla can be found aboard said boat, bargain shopping at garage sales near her home in Midland Park, or doing any of the many other things that make her so very much Nikayla.

Education & Experience

  • Master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership, Drexel University
  • Read and evaluated several thousand applications for Drexel University
  • Deep knowledge of biomedical engineering field

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

I feel that all of my applications were flawless and presented in the best and most professional way possible. Collegewise also made sure I was prepared and ready to say and ask the right things every time I communicated with admissions representatives. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

Jakob Weisblum

Boston University

The college application process was not something I was looking forward to, and I knew I was going to need a lot of help to stay on task. Collegewise helped me prioritize and accomplish everything I needed to do in a very timely manner. I’m so happy to be able to say that I will soon be attending my top choice school!

Kaileigh Conti

Boston College

I’d heard about Collegewise through a class my daughter attended and thought it was a great concept. Who better than a professional to prepare Mia for college by giving her advice and ensuring she remained on track? The two-year process was golden. I’d certainly do it again if I’d had another child.

Julia Torres, Parent of Mia Montano

St. John’s College

By working with Collegewise early, we were able to ensure that my daughter built her resume with activities that would support her application. My daughter submitted all of her applications by September 15th so that she could focus on her senior year curriculum, something important to both me and my daughter.

Susan Kammerman, Parent of Casey Kammerman

Lafayette College

My parents, having come from China, knew almost nothing about the college admissions process, which meant Collegewise was a godsend. Collegewise is amazing at bringing out the inner you, the one that you want colleges to see, in essays and interviews. Frankly, applying to colleges was the least stressful part of my year!

Brandon Zhang

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Collegewise’s knowledge of the different schools and the way the “system” works was invaluable, and the regular appointments kept Erin on track. And the SAT tutor Collegewise recommended was able to give Erin the confidence she needed to get really competitive scores. Erin was accepted at all 11 schools to which she applied!

Amy Lederman, Parent of Erin Aufrichtig

SUNY Binghamton