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Rahsaan Burroughs

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Rahsaan’s career in admissions began at his alma mater, The College of William & Mary, where he served as an admissions intern. Since then, he has spent over 15 years evaluating more than 17,000 applications during his tenure at The George Washington University. As the Associate Director of Admissions at George Washington, Rahsaan served as co-chair of the admissions committee, conducted thousands of interviews, spoke nationally about how student athletes can balance athletic recruitment with the admissions process, conducted financial aid workshops, and managed and trained more than 20 admissions directors. Rahsaan’s expertise isn’t limited to domestic admissions; he evaluated international applicants at George Washington and has spent three years living abroad in Singapore. With more than 15 years of senior-level admissions experience and thousands of application evaluations under his belt, Rahsaan is uniquely qualified to guide students through the college admissions process and identify which aspects of their profile will make them stand out in any applicant pool.

While Rahsaan’s admissions credentials are undoubtedly second to none, he also has quite a bit of expertise in the realms of dance and gymnastics. Before he got his start in admissions, he was an assistant coach for the gymnastics team at his alma mater, William & Mary, and to this day, he makes time to serve as a judge at gymnastics competitions.

Education & Experience

  • Former Associate Director of Admissions and Liaison to Department of Athletics, The George Washington University
  • Has evaluated over 17,000 college applications throughout his 15 years in college admissions
  • Ed.D in Higher Education Administration, George Washington University; B.A., The College of William & Mary

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

Contacting Collegewise was one of the best decisions I've made as a parent. I only wished that my son worked with Rahsaan and Casey (Near) sooner. The feedback on the essays and editing suggestions really optimized the essays and made the essay pain (which was the worst part of the application process) 10 times easier. As a parent, I also appreciated the Rahsaan's gentle but persistent reminders, which saved our mother-son relationship, and is priceless.

C.N., Parent of Matthew Nguyen

Georgetown University

I loved working with Collegewise because of how great my counselor, Rahsaan, was. He was key in getting me through the college process. He was always kind, enthusiastic, and helpful. Rahsaan simplified the process, which made applying to colleges a less daunting experience. Rahsaan played a major role in my acceptance to my number one college. Rahsaan was also extremely helpful when it came to editing supplements. He was straightforward and gave phenomenal constructive criticism/feedback.

Charles Newman

Wake Forest University

I don’t know how I would have gone through this process without Collegewise! Collegewise gave me such realistic advice when choosing colleges. I LOVE COLLEGEWISE!

Madeline Ong

UC Davis

Collegewise helped normalize the daunting college application process while bringing reassurance and a legitimizing presence. Grateful!

Kristin A. Uselman, Parent of Isaac Uselman

California Polytechnic State University

We are thrilled with our decision to use the services of Collegewise, as it was very beneficial! It was nice as parents to just let go and let our son work with someone else, knowing everything was being taken care of. AND…he was accepted to all three schools he applied to!

Matt & Donna Allen, Parents of Andrew Allen

The University of Washington Bothell

Collegewise was super helpful with finding colleges I could apply to and helping me apply. It really helped with the stress that comes with trying to do it all by myself!

Elizabeth Cameron

UC Santa Cruz