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Rebecca Putter

National Executive Director of Collegewise Academic Services


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After getting her start in education by launching a satellite branch of a tutoring company in Austin, Rebecca then spent a year as a pre-law advisor and career coach with UT Austin’s Liberal Arts Career Services Office. Prior to joining Collegewise in June 2014, Rebecca interned for a local private counselor and took on her own caseload of students. It was then that Rebecca realized she wanted to help high school students of all GPAs and test scores find and get into the colleges of their dreams. Rebecca was valedictorian of her high school class and earned a near perfect GPA both while studying politics at NYU and later when earning a master’s degree in higher education administration from UT Austin.

She’s also a dedicated gluten-free pescetarian. When she’s not advising students or looking for new combinations of fish and vegetables to eat, Rebecca enjoys running, trying any and all fitness classes, and soaking up Austin’s abundant selection of live music.

Though she's located in Austin, Rebecca's not just a UT Austin expert. While Collegewise Austin students are accepted at UT at five times the national admit rate, they also receive acceptances from universities all over the country! Our students have recently been admitted to the University of Virginia, Barnard, NYU, Rice, and Texas A&M.

Education & Experience

  • Summa cum laude graduate, NYU
  • M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, UT Austin
  • Former Pre-Law Advisor and Career Coach, UT Austin

Professional Organization Memberships

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What are people saying about Collegewise?

The college application process felt daunting when I thought I had to do it on my own. I spent so many nights awake dreading the stress and the uncertainty of what it was I had to do if I was going to leave home the next summer. That was until I met Ms. Putter. She took my stress and anxiety about the college application process and transformed them into planning and ease of mind. Since both my parents had attended college more than 20 years ago, we were all at a loss for where to even begin. We were lost amongst a sea of deadlines and due dates. There were words like "early action" and "early decision," which might as well have been Greek to us. With the guidance of Ms. Putter, she navigated us through the process like a modern day Ferdinand Magellan. I would recommend Collegewise to anyone who feels at all unsure about starting their college journey.

James O. Sanchez

University of Texas at Austin

We could not be more excited about where Sophia landed (her dream school), and we owe a great deal to Rebecca as the process took much of the stress out of the experience while challenging our daughter to think broadly about her school list. Most importantly, Rebecca really got Sophia to narrow down what she wanted in a college and stick to her plan! Plus, Rebecca was super positive and encouraging throughout. We could not recommend Collegewise more! It’s a great investment. I think getting kids and parents to focus on real fit over preconceived ideas is really effective. Also, the work Rebecca and her team did on Sophia's essays was top-notch.

Rick Froehloch, Parent of Sophia Froehlich

NYU Stern School of Business

Rebecca was incredible! I get indecisive, stressed and ask questions about every little thing, and she was so patient, answered everything I wanted to know, and was encouraging. She took the time to get to know me more than my test scores and grades, so she had the best advice on the schools that were the best fit for me. She even called me when I was freaking out after an interview. I would have been lost in the entire application process if it weren't for Rebecca. She explained each step to me, assigned me deadlines, read over my essays several times, gave me advice and encouraged me. I was accepted to my first-choice school because of Rebecca and all of her help to make me the strongest applicant I could be.

Annika Mukherjee

Barnard College of Columbia University

One of the best investments we’ve made was hiring Collegewise, and specifically Rebecca Putter, to work with our son for all 4 years of high school. With her consistent guidance, thought-provoking questions, and compassionate truthfulness, Rebecca helped our son take complete ownership of his college admissions process. The outcome exceeded our expectations as he was admitted to every school on his Collegewise list and earned merit scholarships. Their "best fit" approach works! Trust the process. Launching a child can be stressful to parents for a multitude of reasons. Working with Rebecca allowed my husband and me to remove college application stress from our home, which helped preserve our relationship with our son, and we enjoyed his last 4 years in our home. We didn't have to nag him about course selection, grades, SAT test scores, or extracurricular choices. His work with Rebecca helped him fully understand how his decisions all played an important role in college admissions.

Mavis Ball, Parent of Alex Ball

Howard University

I went into the college application process unsure of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. From the essay edits and brainstorming sessions, to college/career research and the creation of my resume, Rebecca has helped me every step of the way. I was accepted to many schools I never thought I would be able to get into, and I can't thank her enough!

Marina Gianakopoulos

The University of Virginia

Collegewise made the entire college application process easier on our entire family even though we signed up very late (fall of senior year). Rebecca provided invaluable assistance to our daughter in so many ways, from selecting schools to editing essays, from managing deadlines to encouraging an over-achieving daughter to find life balance. Rebecca was not only a strong support for our daughter; she was and continues to be an invaluable resource for information. Working collaboratively with our family, Collegewise helped us find the perfect fit. Whether you sign up as a freshman or as a senior, this service is worth every penny and then some. We will always be grateful for all the support we received from Rebecca and the staff at Collegewise.

Tisha Brown, Parent of Emily Brown