Guide: How to Make Your Common App A Lot Less Common


Guide: How to Make Your Common App A Lot Less Common

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Guide to Women's Colleges

As this guide illuminates, women’s colleges are united by a few core elements: they tend to be small liberal arts colleges, and they historically serve students who are women. But, that latter element – serving students who identify as women – has been in flux recently. As conversations around gender have evolved on the national stage, it’s put a spotlight on institutions historically defined by gender. Put simply: how will women’s colleges continue to define themselves? 

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S107 - You don't need a title to be a leader.

Collegewise founder Kevin McMullin is back to discuss the fundamentals of leadership as it relates to college applications. Find out why being elected class president won’t impress admissions officers, why some of the most compelling stories of high school leadership come from students who aren’t formally in charge of anything, why some of the best opportunities to lead lie within your own passions and community, and how a kid named David Husslebee made a name for himself with a set identical Hawaiian shirts.

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Forbes: The Journey To College In The Age Of COVID-19

Collegewise Founder and Head of Talent Kevin McMullin contributes a timely article to Forbes regarding the changing college admissions journey.

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Building a Balanced College List

How many schools should I apply to? What exactly do counselors mean when they describe a school as "reach"? Get answers to these questions (and more) as Katie Sprague walks you through the Collegewise approach to building a balanced college list.

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Five Overused College Essay Topics

Here are Five Overused College Essay Topics

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