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How We Help You Get Into College


Achieve unmatched admissions results when you work with a Collegewise Irvine counselor. Here is our 5-step process to ensure you submit a compelling application ahead of the deadline:


1. Find the Right Counselor For You

2. Thrive in High School

3. Create a Strategic Admissions Plan

4. Apply to College!

5. Make Your Final College Decision

College Counselors for International Students


The United States has the world’s most coveted system of higher education with nearly 2,300 universities to choose from. According to The London Times, 47 US institutions are in the top 100 global universities. In addition to these fine American schools, Collegewise professionals specialize in reputable college and university admissions throughout the world. 


Admissions policies and applications vary from school to school and nation to nation, and the application process can be particularly daunting for international students. Collegewise counselors work one-on-one with international students and their parents to help them navigate the global admissions process. Our personalized counseling approach minimizes application stress and yields tremendous success. We excel at helping each candidate create applications worthy of their unique academic and personal profiles.


When it comes to test prep, we want our international students to feel confident and empowered by the scores they submit to universities. We believe that helping students understand the academic material they need to succeed on a test or in the classroom is far better than teaching only test-taking tricks (though we teach those too!). Many of our test-prep students begin to thrive in the classroom as a result of their improved academic preparation.


Selective university admission is our specialty. Our experts have personal experience as former admissions officers at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, University of Chicago, MIT, and Caltech. International students working with Collegewise have been admitted to highly regarded schools like Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, Princeton, Harvard, NYU, UCLA, Berkeley, McGill, King’s College London, and Oxford.


Collegewise currently works with students from across the globe, including students who live in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Contact us from anywhere in the world for your free introductory consultation. Your Collegewise counselor or tutor will be sensitive to your needs as an international student while you are applying to universities.

Ready to tackle the admissions process?