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Here’s How Collegewise Will Help You Get Into College

You’ll see unmatched admissions results and submit a compelling application ahead of deadlines when you work with a Collegewise Los Angeles counselor. Just follow these five steps to proven success:

1. Find the Right Counselor For You

2. Thrive in High School

3. Create a Strategic Admissions Plan

4. Apply to College!

5. Make Your Final College Decision

Meet Our Counselors

Kirsten Hanson-Press
  • Kirsten's expertise in the world of college admissions means that families typically enroll early in high school to ensure that they get a spot on her roster.

  • She is the former Executive Director of Parents Education League of Los Angeles and a popular speaker in Los Angeles schools and community rooms.

  • Her students have recently found their college homes at Georgetown, Berkeley, UCLA, Wesleyan, Barnard, USC, Stanford, Duke, Cornell, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and Washington University (to name a few).

  • View Kirsten's full profile here.

Kim Haselhoff
  • Kim's dedicated, ongoing leadership in her community and her study of education research and policy has helped area families navigate the confusing and challenging landscape of college admissions.

  • She was a post-doctoral researcher at UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies; she’s taught at UC-Irvine while pursuing her Ph.D.—where she received a grant from the John Randolph Haynes Foundation for a report on immigration.

  • Students she's worked with recently have found their college match at places like Michigan, Oberlin, Santa Clara, Wisconsin, George Washington, Purdue, Sarah Lawrence, SMU, and Oregon.

  • View Kim's full profile here.

Kimberly Malin
  • Kim has always found a way to advocate for others and is at her best (and happiest) when helping people. That’s why being a college counselor is more than just a job for her—it’s a calling!

  • Kim earned her bachelor's in psychology, graduating cum laude from the University of Michigan before becoming an AmeriCorps volunteer for an elementary school program serving inner-city students. She then took her passion for helping others to the next level by heading off to law school and earning her JD at the University of Southern California.

  • View Kimberly's full profile here.

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