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Here’s How Collegewise Will Help You Get Into College

At Collegewise, the core of the work that we do with families is recognizing that this isn’t just about college. It’s about making sure our students know what classes make most sense for them and their goals, which activities will allow them to thrive, what summer opportunities will help them grow, and how college fits into that broader picture of who they’re becoming. A college counselor, at their best, helps you navigate every piece of that journey. And that’s what we do, every day.

Meet Our Counselors

Kirsten Hanson-Press
  • Kirsten's expertise in the world of college admissions means that families typically enroll early in high school to ensure that they get a spot on her roster.

  • She is the former Executive Director of Parents Education League of Los Angeles and a popular speaker in Los Angeles schools and community rooms.

  • Her students have recently found their college homes at Georgetown, Berkeley, UCLA, Wesleyan, Barnard, USC, Stanford, Duke, Cornell, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and Washington University (to name a few).

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Kim Haselhoff
  • Kim's dedicated, ongoing leadership in her community and her study of education research and policy has helped area families navigate the confusing and challenging landscape of college admissions.

  • She was a post-doctoral researcher at UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies where she received a grant from the John Randolph Haynes Foundation for a report on immigration.  She taught at UC-Irvine while pursuing her Ph.D.

  • Students she's worked with recently have found their college match at places like Univ of Washington, NYU, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Bucknell, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Northeastern, Oregon, UCLA and UC Berkeley.

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Kimberly Malin
  • Kim has always found a way to advocate for others and is at her best (and happiest) when helping people. That’s why being a college counselor is more than just a job for her—it’s a calling!

  • Kim earned her bachelor's in psychology, graduating cum laude from the University of Michigan before becoming an AmeriCorps volunteer for an elementary school program serving inner-city students. She then took her passion for helping others to the next level by heading off to law school and earning her JD at the University of Southern California.

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